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Learning disability is a problem or can better be said, a disease in the child which reduces the skill in a child to learn things. Though the children have a sharp mind but those suffering from this problem find difficulty in learning things fast. This can be due to a number of factors including improper development of brain during pregnancy which can be due to exposure of mother to some harmful chemicals when at home or at workplace or even from dye used in clothes.

Parents and teachers are the first persons who come to know of this problem of the child. It is the duty of the teacher to discuss this finding with the parents at the earliest opportunity. Further the parents should take the child to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. Though this problem in most of the cases may not be fully curable but the learning process can be enhanced to a great extent by various learning techniques developed by researchers.

The following are briefly described ten symptoms of learning disability, which the parents and teachers should always remember.

  • If you find that the child is slow in learning process as compared to other children, or your child lacks coordination in various functions such as putting things together or fastening of buttons or laces take this as first warning sign and be careful.
  • If the child is over active or impulsive and is unable to sit idle even for a very short time.
  • If your child is unable to coordinate certain routine words like today tomorrow or yesterday, or is unable to recognise simple shapes like round square etc. or lacks despite efforts recognition of colors.
  • If your child is unable to equally learn different subjects, like being excellent in language and very poor in maths etc. This can sometimes be misleading signal as some children do have exceptional qualities to learn some things.
  • If your child fails to listen or concentrate on something which he is doing or being taught to him. This is called attention disability and is often associated with learning disability; this may also be associated with lack of learning about self hygiene and things owned by the child.
  • If your child finds it difficult to recognise and mixes words like 48 and 84 or gets confused about difference between b and d or some other words and figures.
  • If the child is able to understand but unable to read or vice versa.
  • If your child is doing too badly at school and tries to hide the weakness from the parents.
  • If there is lot of mood swing in the child and he tries to be on his own for long time doing nothing.
  • If your child though obedient is unable to understand or follow instructions.

If you find one or two of the above mentioned problem with your child do not get panicky, try to understand his psychology and discuss with a specialist.