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Step by Step Instructions for Infant MassageEach and every baby in this world is undoubtedly a miracle. Parents are ready to do anything and everything to make their babies smile. In the early stages of  an infant’s life, he/she may not be able to express their exact feelings and emotions. At times, we parents may not  be able to predict their feelings such as hunger, tiredness, crankiness etc. Modern research says that when a good body massage is given to the infant by it’s parents (in the right way), it may not only calm and soothe the baby but also contribute to the baby’s appropriate growth. A soothing massage perhaps will be the consent to a calmer and more contented baby. If the baby is calm and happy, both mom and dad will be too! Basically, infant massage when offered in the right way will do wonders in your baby’s growth level.

Benefits of  parent’s touch

It is scientifically proven that when a parent and an infant share direct skin to skin contact and tender loving touches, it offers so many benefits to that baby. The power of massage will offer the following benefits:

  • Make colicky infant to settle down
  • Donate to baby’s weight gain
  • Offers good sleep to the babies
  • Babies may also have less episodes of a runny nose, infections or cold
  • As a bonus, the power of parent’s touch also contributes to a lifetime bonding between the parents and the baby
Things required for a baby massage

Before getting ready to offer a relaxing massage to your baby, ensure that you have all the following (essential) stuffs that are needed for the baby massage session.

  • An even surface that is covered with a cozy blanket or a bath pad
  • A tiny amount of baby oil or olive oil
  • Paper napkins or a kitchen wash cloth to wipe off the surplus oil
  • A squashy towel or blanket to wrap your little pumpkin
  • If needed, a pacifier for the baby
  • Dim-light atmosphere
  • Pleasant, soothing music
  • Warm temperature
Things to remember during a baby massage session

At a given point of time, give only a minute of gentle and slow strokes. It is important that you use only your finger cushions and not the pads of your fingers. This is because, it might put more pressure to your baby’s body parts. It is not advisable to use the entire area of your palm. In addition, keep your baby comfortable and cozy by increasing the temperature of the room slightly.  It’s better to use a soft towel to cover up the exposed parts of the baby in order to keep the baby warm.

10 Step by step instructions for massaging your baby in the right way

The following ten step by step baby massage instructions should be performed in a very gentle manner. Now let’s see the massage instructions step by step.

Step1: Lay down the baby on his stomach comfortably with her head turned to any one side of the body.
Step 2: Dispense a few drops of baby oil or olive oil on your hands. Rub both palms together to get the oil evenly on both the palms.
Step 3: Starting from the baby’s forehead, give slow, nice and gentle strokes.
Step 4: Then, move slowly to the crown of the baby’s head and then move down to the nape of the baby’s neck.
Step 5: Now, give gentle strokes across each shoulder starting from the midpoint of the neck and then moving out to the baby’s arm. Give strokes to one side of the shoulder at a time.
Step 6: Then, starting from the apex of the baby’s back area, move down gently towards his hips using both of your hands. Be very careful and do not touch the spine area.
Step 7: Now, slowly move your finger pads down to the back side of your baby’s legs simultaneously. Then move your finger pads up for one more time.
Step 8: Proceed with the same gentle stroking action on the rear of your baby’s arms also.
Step 9: Now, rest your baby on his back and repeat the same process of stroking (up and down strokes) on your baby’s torso and front of his legs and arms.
Step 10: By this time, some babies might even sleep. If so, cover the baby with a warm and cozy blanket and put him/her in his bed in a quiet and calm place.