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All parents love their children. But in their busy life style they don’t have the time to show their affection to the child. But for the healthy mental development of the child, showing the parental love to the child is very important. Here are 10 ways for the parents to show their love towards their wards.

1. A friendly chat with the child

A friendly, non –preachy talk to the child would make the child feel very happy.

2. Learn to listen

Kids have a habit talking a lot and parents ignore most of it. Instead if the parents try to pay attention to few of the conversations then it would be great. Sometimes, there may be important information that the parents must know and may not know by closing their ears.

3. Express love in writing

A good way to express the parental love to the child would be scribble a few words in a piece of paper and place it where the child would not miss it. Kids feel motivated when they find such notes, greeting cards, post cards, stickers, etc especially from their parents under the pillow or in the backpack.

4. Play and have fun together

It’s not necessary to sit in one place at a specific time and play with the child everyday. Parents could play simple word games or counting games on the way to the school or while going on long drives etc. It would make the trip interesting and enjoyable for the child.

5. Cuddles and kisses

As the child grows from baby to toddler and older, the hugs and kisses from the parents reduce drastically. But even when the kids get older, they like their parents hugging them and kissing them to express their love. This physical contact would bring the parents and children closer to each other.

6. Reading, singing together

Reading stories, singing rhymes etc brings the parents and children closer to each other.  This can be practiced even with older children by taking turns to reading longer stories and discussing about it.

7. Appreciate the child’s positive

The children’s positives should be appreciated in front of them and as well as behind their backs. This would motivate them and also raise their self esteem.

8. Surprises

Every body likes surprises, so do kids. It’s wonderful to way to express love by taking them for surprise holidays or outings to their favorite place.

9. Involving the child in family affairs

Its lot just enough letting the child choose their own clothes, bags and books. If they are included in decision making in the family affairs like when and where to go on holiday, what to do on the weekend etc , they feel  they play important role in the family.

10. Ask for suggestions

Sometimes kids come up with excellent ideas they the older ones cant think of. It’s not a bad idea to ask them for some advice at times.

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