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Abdominal Migraine In ChildrenAbdominal migraine is concerned with stomach or abdominal pain which can affect both the children and adults. It is common in children before the age of twelve and is common among girls also. It is mainly a kind of disorders of intestinal motility which is triggered by abnormal brain waves. It is usually a variant of migraine headaches and occurs in those children who have got the family history of migraines. It is rarely found in adults but only two percent of all the children may be affected and females are more to get affected than the males.

Abdominal Migraine Causes

Abdominal migraine can be caused by two chemicals, histamine and serotonin which naturally occur in the body. These chemical changes can give both migraine headaches and abdominal pain as well. The abdominal pain may occur due to some psychological trigger. Foods like chocolate, processed meats which contain certain chemicals and swallowing of excessive air may give abdominal migraine resulting in bloating and interference with eating.

Symptoms of Stomach Migraine

Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting  pallor, anorexia and the pain is felt more in the midline of the abdomen around the umbilicus to last one to two hours to recur several times in two or three days. Sensibility to light, sound and dizziness, irritability, diarrhea, loss of appetite and headaches are also experienced. The child may find to have pale look and flushed to appear dark shadows around the eyes. The pain may be dull or of sore quality and moderate to severe in intensity.

The yawning, listlessness, drowsiness, pulse will be difficult to feel, visual disturbance, flashing lights, numbness,tingling sensation around the mouth, side or arm of the body, slurred speech, muscle weaknesses and even paralysis are the other symptoms of this disease.

Treatment and Prevention

The doctors usually may prescribe serotonin blockers tricyclic antidepressant to treat this disease. Nasal sumatriptan which is named as a drug in the triptan class but are not advised for the children. Pain-killer, anti-nausea drugs, paracetamol, ibuprofen and sedatives are the medications that are advised. To take rest is also advised to be taken in dark room.

Prevention is the best medication like keep the patient free from stress, avoid extreme temperatures, bright flickering lights related to watching television or computer screens for long time. Consumption of chocolate, monosodium glutamate, fizzy drinks, caffeine, cheese, valproic acid may be avoided.

  • Avoid foods like Chinese food which may contain monosodium glutamate.
  • Try to self-manage stress.
  • Avoid to take any medication in empty stomach
  • Take light food.
  • Avoid heavy food like beef, mutton and take more vegetables in the diet.
  • Fruit juice or raw fruit are advised to prevent this disease.
  • Make regular physical activities to get freedom from stress and anxiety.
  • Get regular check up from doctor to avoid any serious ailment.
  • Some yogic asanas and light exercises to relax the body to make disease free.
  • Avoid acidic drinks or foods.