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It goes without saying that keeping your child constructively busy is always a sensible thing to do. This way he would expend his energy in a positive way apart from learning a whole lot of interesting things. When kids are small they are an undoubted ball of energy which if not used wisely could end up wasting all the liveliness in the deal. So, the first thing to be borne in mind as a parent is to make sure you are canalizing his energy, vigor and mental power very prudently.

Make him to play games, draw on sheets of paper, solve puzzles or even watch the right kind of educational programs on the television. Your main aim should be teaching your child something new each time you sit with him. Do not let him while away his time crying or shouting for some sort of a toy unlike others. Bring post cards and ask him to identify the various objects given in them.

Children have the ability to understand and learn faster when they are young, so try teaching them everything possible. Talking to them about your surroundings and day to day affair could prove to be very useful for him to learn facts about his family, house, etc. Do not make the mistake of thinking your child is too young to comprehend all that is happening around them for that isn’t true. They have a sharp brain which enables them to store maximum information for longer durations.

Drawing and coloring is yet another kind of art that you could have them indulge in. Make sure they sit and hold the crayon pens properly to get the right grip of the same while coloring their books. This way they would also get to identify the different kinds of colors teaching him a great deal.

Eating turns out to be fun when taken to be a leaning activity too. Teach him to enhance his hand and mouth coordination by holding the spoon on his own and eating whatever is there in his plate. This is another way to teach him to be a sound eater.

Puzzles are very beneficial for the mental development of the children. Make them sit and solve the puzzles manufactured for their age group, so that they merit their reflexes and sharpen their mental skills.

Making your children learn new things could be fun for you as a parent too, provided you are interested to do the same. Do not waste your child’s time by leaving him staring at the television lifelessly for that is not the right way to bring up kids. Make them better human beings by inculcating religious habits from day one so that they end up being good people in their own life.