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Sometimes life becomes uneasy for left handed people as they are considered in different form their counterparts. They face many problems by performing day to day activities such as driving, eating, dancing, writing, etc. One of the critical aspects for left handed students is that during their personality performing years they have to face teasing from their class mates, which some where down the line puts a lot of mental pressure on their sensitive minds as well as creates a hurdle on their mental growth and development.

Family is the first place where child starts learning thus it becomes very important to the parents of left handed children not only to be informed but also they must know how to practically support their kids.

Parents first must themselves understands being left handed is not a curse or disease as it is considered some time back, which has now been medically proven. Those children who are left handed as normal as right handed, though during starting years of their lives they face certain problems, which don’t continue for the rest of their life mostly, once they get adopted to the use left-hand as we used to do with our right hand the situation starts improving and at the certain point of time, these left handed children have no difference than right handed.

Left handed children need time and care. As parents are their best moral support, they are needed to act maturely and help their children not to change their habit but help them, how to be compatible with right handed world.

Parents are the best teachers for these kinds of students at the very first level of their studies, they are the one who can personally guide their children how to make alphabets. Parents must always be in touch of the school teachers of their children so that they can do rest with their classroom techniques and help their child in any case if facing problems, by doing this the child will perform more actively in class.