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teenagers parents adviceWhen children become teenagers and begin to prepare for adulthood life changes for them in every respect. Although, according to the books, they must develop cognitively, that is by learning to read write and solve problems, emotionally, by learning to empathize with others and socially by learning to engage with peers and adults. Therefore all those children who develop cognitively, emotionally and socially, become the next generation leaders, hard workers, good parents and responsible citizens.

However, many a times, it isn’t a cakewalk to watch your kids grow into teenagers. This is one of the major changeovers that today’s children face. Experiencing physical changes in their body face and voice or emotional changes resulting in making them sensitive, self conscious or even sexually perplexed, could sometimes end up in major problems if not dealt with correctly.

Appearance for instance, which has suddenly gained prime importance in today’s world, could have a dreadful effect on teenagers who think they aren’t good looking or presentable enough to move around with their peers or friends. It could even hamper their personalities to such an extent that they’d eventually lose all the self-confidence.

Talking or counseling as a parent at home always matters. Become a friend to your child and talk him out of his usual challenges. This way you would keep him away from evils like loneliness and depression. Make him comfortable enough to discuss everything under the sky with you so that you know whatever is troubling your little one. Have more family get together to create a friendly environment at home. It helps to be with your loved ones.

Teach your child to accept the reality and be practical in life. Tell him that if he thinks he wants to change his looks to be the best, he should rather change the way he thinks. Give them examples of personalities who did well in their life not because they were stunningly beautiful but because they were mentally way ahead of the rest. Teach them to look at their positives which will eventually make them confident and focused in life.

Lastly, make them feel loved and they will always have faith in themselves, which is very important for their overall development.