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Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem found in some children. The cause of this disorder is improper development of the brain during the time child was in mother’s womb or injury to brain during early childhood which hampers normal development. Due to lack of proper development the child is unable to perform in the way normal children do.

The disorder is of different types in different children. Some children are unable to concentrate, some find difficulty in reading or writing or maths or recognising words or remembering names or people around, some have motor problem and some have the problem of hyperactivity. The first and foremost treatment of the child suffering from ADD is persuasion while keeping cool. However, the decision to give a particular treatment depends upon the problem faced by each child, and has to be decided in consultation with the specialist. Generally the following treatments are given to the child to enable him to, as far as possible, come out of the problem.

In case of the children suffering from motor problem or the problem relating to muscles and bones osteopathy is performed with the object of improving the functioning of muscles, ligaments, bones and spine. Associated with it is gentle message, which has soothing effect on the brain and body. This therapy helps restore to some extent the muscular and bones disorder thereby relieving the child of hyperactivity problems like motor, headache or lack of concentration etc. It is essential that the child gets proper nutrition to tone up body muscular system. The parents should, in consultation with a dietician, administer proper balanced food to the child. This along with proper exercise will help healthy development of muscles and bones consequently reducing the suffering.

Homeopathy is another stream of alternate medicine being administered to all sorts of patients. This system of medicine works on the principle of symptoms of each patient. The patient is asked to answer a number of questions by a homeopathic expert/doctor. The doctor tries to match the symptoms with the standard symptoms of particular medicines. If properly matched and the dose set, this system can work wonders.

Acupuncture is a method developed by the Chinese for the treatment of diseases. In this method the flow of energy from one part to the other part of the body is regulated by the expert with the help of needles and pressure. The specialist, after studying the history of the patient, tries to find out where the flow of energy is blocked and to correct this. If successful, this therapy is helpful in regulating or restarting flow of energy and in consequent recovery.

Another ancient tested and tried method of treatment of hyperactivity is herbal or natural treatments. The herbal system of medicines has been practiced since time immemorial. Under this system, various natural growing plants are processed and administered to the patient. Also paste of these plants is tied on the body. Correct use of the herbs has been found to be of much help.

However one should remember that all type of treatments should be administered under the strict supervision of a specialist.

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