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Best Alternative to Baby Formula is Natural MilkIf you cannot afford costly baby formulas, there is no need to get perturbed. Many solutions are available in the market at genuine rates. Human beings’ babies have been feeding on cow’s, buffalo’s or goat’s milk for ages. It’s only in the modern world that companies have convinced mothers that powdered milk is the best for their child. The same kind of advertising that goes behind fast food used for these formula feeds. They have become more of a food fad then genuine food for your loving baby.

Why fresh natural milk is necessary ?

Real milk is best for the production of new cells in your baby’s body. After breast milk, milk from cow, buffalo or goat is the best thing for your baby. The chemicals used in the powered milk don’t allow for the proper development of your baby’s body. You cannot be really sure about the formula and there is always a risk that the cells may cause any kind of cellular trouble in your baby’s body. Even more, your baby is always exposed to a host of allergies and infections. Sometimes, the babies cannot digest formula feed properly and this itself becomes a hindrance in their growth.

What makes real natural milk the healthiest ?

Whole milk contains a compound known as Caritine, which has been found to be extremely beneficial for the development of the internal organs. All the more, the proteins present in the milk are easy to absorb for your baby and are absorbed to about 80% of their total value. Moreover, Vitamin D and Riboflavin are present in milk to a very large extent. Goat’s milk is the closest to human milk and should be preferred for your baby. Milk is also a good source of fats and these are indispensable for the energy requirements of your baby.

How to perk up fresh milk for our baby ?

Honey is tasty as well as serves as an antibiotic. It can be added to your baby’s milk to make it tastier and more beneficial. In addition to this honey also contains many kinds of enzymes, minerals and vitamins that are a must for our baby. You can also use commonly available baby vitamins as supplements for your babies. But you must also keep in mind that babies have been doing exceedingly well without them since ages and their addition to your baby’s diet is strictly optional.