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children anxiety disorderLife is changing at a fast pace and so is our style of leading it. Where on one hand man has reached the moon and the stars, it’s certainly quite baffling to note that on the other we are all surrounded with the jet age health hazards also known as the junk food sickness, one of the many being the anxiety disorder. Apart from attacking the adults now the devil named anxiety has also begun targeting the little ones. It is mind boggling to know how this ailment starts showing shocking signs from the tender age of the little ones and yet is merrily neglected by our sometimes careless parents.

Anxiety attacks are quite common in children, but they are often overlooked. Nearly half of the individuals with pre-pubertal beginning of anxiety do not receive treatment for not less than ten long years which may result in their developing into chronic or persistent anxiety disorder cases.

Normal anxiousness is often accompanied by physical symptoms like headache, nausea, shaking and sweating. The overall feeling of nervousness and fear are very normal depending on the situation. Anxiety disorders in children manifest in similar, but more extreme ways. The child has many of the physical symptoms but they are more severe. The headaches may be unbearable. The individual may be so nauseous that he vomits. Shaking and sweating are unmanageable. The child’s ability to reason is disrupted. He may be unable to concentrate and learn.

Children, kids and adolescents with anxiety disorders typically experience intense fear, worry, or uneasiness that can last for long periods of time and significantly affect their lives. If not treated early, anxiety disorders can lead to:

  • Repeated school absences or an inability to finish school
  • Impaired relations with peers
  • Low self-esteem
  • Alcohol or other drug use
  • Problems adjusting to work situations
  • Anxiety disorder in adulthood

Thus, consulting a doctor at the right time counts. Parent’s support makes a lot of difference in helping their child come out of it. The various types of disorders like Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder or even the Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety could be easily treated if brought to light at the right time and shown to the concerned physician. It’s a must to educate the child’s parents on the adverse effects of the disease to help them understand what they should do to make their child lead a happy life ahead.

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