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apgar test score newbornWhen a baby is born he is generally medically checked to know if all his organs are functioning in the right manner or not. This is a sort of a test that the newborn goes through, which indicates any kind of a problem at the time of birth so as to treat the ailment accordingly. Immediately after the initial five minutes of the child’s birth he is put through the apgar test to understand the physical anatomy. This test also helps the child in future when treating himself against any ailment.

The doctor evaluates the newborn child immediately after one minute of his birth. He studies him to know the various aspects including the baby’s color, respiration, heart rate, muscle tone and reflexes. The second part of the first evaluation takes place after the first five minutes lapse. This way the baby’s health condition is known immediately after his birth.

The apgar test is an excitement for the parents too, as this way they know whether their child stands in terms of having a healthy body. This test also enables them to take the right sort of care of their little ones in future so that they grow up to be in good health.

To start with, the doctors will first evaluate the newborn on the basis of the color of his body. If his body is healthy pink in color, he scores a two without a doubt while if he has blue colored limbs with a pink face, he scores a meager two. However, in any other cases, the baby gets a zero which means he isn’t in the right shape.

Respiratory test happens next where in the baby’s lungs are checked medically. Two points are given to the child who cries loud and clear which means his lungs are strong and healthy while the child who doesn’t cry that noisily scores a skimpy one point, as that indicates his weakness. In any other case the baby obviously scores a zero which means he needs immediate care for his not so strong lungs.

Heart beat is monitored in the next case where in the cardiac activity of the baby is checked under the apgar test. A baby who’s heart races through 100 beats in a minute scores a two without a doubt while in case of a baby who’s heart beats less than a hundred times in a minute scores a one. In any other situation, the baby gets a zero which means an emergency.

Muscle tone test comes next where in if the baby’s limb movement is way too much, he scores a two while if his movements are any less, the doctors will settle him for a one. In case the limbs fail to move at all, the little one gets a zero which means danger and immediate treatment.

Reflexes of the child are checked too. If the child cries and responds to the test, he scores an immediate two while in the other cases depending upon his reaction he scores the various marks which tell of his mental preparedness and alertness.

Apgar test score:

The total score of the baby in respect of the Apgar Test happens to be ’10’. In case of babies who score a ten pointer, it only suggests they are in the pink of their health, while even a eight or a nine means they are healthy if not in excellent shape. But if the score turns out to be less than that it means the baby needs special care and attention.

Very few parents understand the meaning of the score so it is always better to ask the doctor to explain the score and the newborn’s health condition so that they know what their child needs for a better health.

It is imperative to get this test done immediately after your child is born. Make sure you consult your doctor before hand, so that they are prepared to medically examine the child once he is born.  The apgar test is the best way to know where and how your baby stands in terms of good health.