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Children at all ages can tolerate contact lenses. Even the babies can wear it to correct the eye problem present at birth. That means, age is not a deciding factor for wearing contact lenses. However, it is recommended that the children must be mature enough to taking the responsibility of wearing it. Parents can judge the maturity level of their children by observing their activities. If a child is responsible for taking out of the trash, makes his/her own bed, and remembers to perform household chores, he/she is also able enough to wear contact lenses as well.

There are different types of contact lenses for children depending on the choice and needs. Among them, soft contact lenses are most popular which provide high flexibility and great comfort. The availability of disposable, daily wear and extended wear are the specialities of soft contact lenses. A child eye specialist can give directions about the appropriate time schedule for wearing it.

Rigid or gas permeable contact lenses are the other type. But they are not so comfortable in the beginning and take time to get used to by the child. However, the clarity it gives is superb.

The Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are healthier for wearing longer times because it is able to provide high level of oxygen to the eyes. However, an eye specialist can guide you which is the apt contact lens for your child.

Benefits of wearing contact lenses for children

Contact lenses help to maintain the natural beauty of the eyes and the child will be very confident about his/her appearance. Besides the formal education, participation in sports and games and the other kinds of physical activities are equally important in the age of adolescence. During these situations, contact lenses are most suitable for eyes. Unlike the eyeglasses, the contact lenses will not break easily or misplace.

The contact lenses are very easy to wear. Once insert in the eyes, the user will never feel that he/she is using it. It will not block your vision by fog up or it does not get splattered by rain. Contact lenses will help to improve the peripheral vision. It also gives great comfort to the users always.

Regular glasses will be comfortable in the beginning but after sometime, it makes continuous problems by sliding down the nose.


Compared to the eye glasses, contact lenses are more expensive. It may depend on the requirement of the eyes. Great care is needed for wearing contact lenses. It should take out as directed and should disinfect them daily with cleaning solutions. The child must strictly follow the replacement schedule prescribed by the eye specialist. If not following the directions completely and correctly the chances of infection are very high. The contact lenses should care properly, otherwise it will cause eye problems like infection or inflammation.

Above all, you should always bear in mind that the health of the eyes of your child is most important than the lenses.