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Some children are termed as hyper active and are difficult to handle. Research has been carried out to find out the cause. A few children have a hyper activity disorder and require treatment. In the rest of the cases, it was discovered that various food stuffs acted as triggers. When they were with held, the behavior of the children returned to normal.

Earlier it was believed that an increased intake of sugar contribute to hyperactivity or ADHD. Research was carried out by feeding children high sugar snacks, and it was found that sugar did not increase hyper activity. The only children affected were the ones already diagnosed with hyper active disorder.

Research was carried out using many other food stuffs. The one that returned a significant positive response was synthetic food colors. Red and yellow colors caused the highest degree of hyper activity. In kids who were already suffering from hyper active disorder, it brought about an increased affliction. When the consumption of foods containing synthetic colors was stopped, their behaviour changed for the better.

Synthetic dyes are used mostly in ready to eat snacks and fast food to make them look tasty and having a tempting appearance. However, synthetic colors are not safe, as research has proved. It is better to give your children home made snacks and food because you will use the freshest and best available ingredients. You know what you have put in the food. There will be no preservatives or artificial dyes and sweeteners.

It will mean extra work and effort on your part but it will be worth it. Your children will reap the benefits in form of good health. It will keep them free from many diseases and avoidable behavioural problems like hyperactivity. They will be saved from doctor and psychiatrist visits and unnecessary medicines.

You can use fresh strawberry, blue berry or orange for adding color and flavour to children’s food. The things you prepare will be more hygienic. It may mean a little extra cost to use natural colors as synthetic colors are cheap, but it is counter balanced in the long run by less medical expenditure and having well behaved children.

If you have to buy food for children from the market, read the list of contents very carefully. If bits of fruit and natural color are used, only then buy it. The government is doing its bit by banning synthetic colors from many food stuffs.