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The brain is the most important organ in the human body. Even after years and years of research by hundreds of scientists humanity is yet not in a position to analyze this organ fully. The brain is the first organ to develop. Even when the child is in the mother’s womb, it has a fully developed brain, though the learning process has to start later in life.

The brain has different parts, each performing a different function. Some parts of the brain control movement, another part controls learning process, still another controls the vital functions like breathing, heartbeat, speech development and eyesight etc. At the time of birth the brain stem which controls vital body functions is fully developed.

The environment in which the child is placed, plays an important role in pace of development of child’s brain. A child placed in healthy and happy environment is likely to grow and learn better as compared to a child placed in an unhealthy and uncongenial environment. As such it is essential that the parents should exercise maximum restraint while being in the company of child. Parents fighting in the presence of the child send wrong signals. Though apparently the child does not understand the quarrel but he does sense the negativity.

The brain undergoes extensive development in the first year. During this period the child learns quite a few new activities like sitting, first with support and then on his own, walking, speaking etc. and the emotions also start developing. The child learns to recognise parents, smile or giggle when called, demand feed when hungry, start recognising colors and play with toys. It is during this period the child needs maximum attention and time of parents. If there is some doubt about proper development of brain functions it is essential to consult a doctor immediately. As the deficiency if any, in functioning is controlled at the earliest.

In addition to care, proper nutrition is necessary. A balanced diet is a must as this will help proper development of the brain and body. Also necessary at this time is brain exercise. The parents should respond to the impulses of the child. By the time the child is six months of age, he or she will start to recognise parents and will make sounds as if talking, the parents should respond in similar voice. As the child grows further teach him to recognise some basic things like nose, eyes, ball, fan or his toy. This will accelerate understanding and learning process. Taking out the child to meet and play with others of his age, to some public park where there are games or visit to a zoo will help to develop other parts of the brain.

A properly developed child fully groomed and educated is a source of happiness for the parents throughout life, so be particular during initial years.