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It’s a good debatable topic whether the parents should pierce the child’s ear when they are young or should they choose to pierce it when they grow older. Is it really necessary to pierce boy baby’s ears? The debates on these topics have been going on forever and will go on for ever. As supporters of either side have equally strongly reason for their stance.

Those who believe the child’s ears should be pierced at a young age believe that it’s less painful when done at a tender age. As the child grows up, they would feel the pain more and more and may not want to do it for fear of the pain. Also, piercing of ears at early age solves the gender identification problems in kids. If the ears are pierced, a girl child would never be mistaken for a boy and boy would be mistaken for a girl. Above all small kids look very sweet, fashionable and cute with earrings. For many communities, it’s customary to have ears pierced at an early age.

Those against the piercing feel it’s barbaric to pierce the ears of a young child. The parents cannot take the liberty to do what they want just because the child cannot object. They feel it should be left for the child to until they grow up to decide whether they want to undergo the pain of piercing their ears. While the parents give a choice for piercing rest of the body why not the ears. Normally, while piercing the ears, most parents’ get both the ears pierce at the same time. They fear the child may not sit through another time for piercing the other ear.  The children normally cry out of pain because it hurts them. Those against the piercing feel it’s atrocious on the parents to subject their children to such brutal pain in both ears at the same time. Also, they feel it might lead to a shock.

There are questions raised on piercing boy’s ears as well. Many feel it’s unnecessary to subject the boys to such pain when ultimately they are going to remove the earrings. Inspite of these arguments many parents still pierce their son’s ears and make them wear earrings.

However, if the parents decide to pierce their child’s ears at young age, then it’s better to take them to places where they specialize in infant ear piercing. They should ensure that only sterilised needles are used for piercing. They should make the child wear earrings made exclusively for infants so that their head is not injured. All instructions regarding cleaning of the child’s ear and earrings should be adhered to.

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