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Infant Eczema Causes, Symptoms and TreatmentEczema is a disease of skin which is caused by hereditary or allergies to cause patches of tiny red bumps on the infant or baby’s scalp, face and cheeks. It is particularly atopic dermatitis which is the most common type of eczema that can affect the babies. This skin problem can occur to the babies between two to six months of age and usually disappear between two to three years of age. It may be irritating and painful for the children.


Eczema or skin allergy can be caused by milk or food to the child. The breast feeding infants may be allergic because of mother’s eating habits. The mother must get tested to know the causes of allergy. The doctor will prescribe the milk which is compatible with child’s system. Enfamil Nutramigen, Similac Alimentum are the milk which is recommended for the child of eczema.


Itching, redness of rashes, oozing of fluids, pain, yellow crust, fever, infection and blister are some of the symptoms, but test will confirm the disease. The pediatrician is to be consulted in case of severity of the disease and home remedies are not responding to the treatment.

Baby Eczema Treatment

An pediatrician may prescribe one percent hydrocortisone cream to bleach the skin of infant. One of the best remedy is the skin moisturizer to cure this disease. It can soothe the infected skin. It is also advised to use pure almond oil and for itching calamine lotion is good to use. An antihistamine can be recommended, but doctor will not advise it for the child who is under five months of age. Bathing should not be frequent but warm water can dry out the skin, dove and tone soaps are used to make the child bath. The baby oil may be poured in the water to keep the skin moisturized.


The child’s skin is very sensitive and the delayed and wrong treatment will irritate the skin. The natural moisturizer which should not have strong fragrance can be used to soothe the skin problem of baby or infants. Try to avoid things which can worsen the disease like use of glues, dyes, liberal use of moisturizers, lubricants, and nickel on the pants buttons, poison ivy, wool or irritating fabrics and the use of steroid creams.

  • Avoid baby lotion, baby wash and sunscreens which can cause allergy to the baby.
  • Try fragrance free and food based soaps to ensure that these don’t cause eczema in infants.
  • Lukewarm water may be used to bathe baby and natural oil may be added to avoid this problem.
  • Keep the skin of the baby moisturized by using plain olive oil for daily use.
  • Try to use clean and pure laundry detergent and plain baking soda can be used for baby’s clothes.
  • Avoid excessive scratching to avoid spreading of  bacteria and irritation.
  • Avoid cow milk, peanuts, eggs, fish, wheat, and soy which may be the cause of allergies and reuse these after a week break, just to indentify the allergic thing.
  • Dress the child  in comfortable and natural fiber clothing.
  • Keep the air in the home moist free from dust.

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