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Even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed, have a couple of bottles/nipples already sterilized and ready to go. You never know how breastfeeding will go, and you can then run out and want your partner/relative to the baby a bottle of milk or a formula expressed. The last thing you want to do in your tired, hormonal state search and clean bottles.


Have a supply of at least one package of diapers at home ready to go. Keep a stash of diapers at any level of your house so you are not actively looking for what you need. Set up a changing station in another room that you use frequently. You can reserve an outfit or two, plus diapers, wipes, creams, etc., there.

Diaper Bag

You can go crazy with diaper bags – from a basic carry-all for a designer fashion statement. When purchasing a diaper bag, your lifestyle and budget, and that will be used (choose something that your husband/partner will not be ashamed to carry!). Other options include a backpack or even a bigger bag you already own. It is useful from the beginning to have a bag with several compartments. You’ll be lugging a lot of stuff initially, but if you grow a bit (along with your trust), you can get by with less.


It is good to have a week of clothing on hand, washed and ready to go. The last thing you want to do if you are recovering from childbirth to wash multiple loads of laundry per day. Babies often spit up, poop and holes in their clothes, so do not be surprised if your little one goes through two to three packs per day in the first few weeks. Enough, so you only have to do laundry every four to five days.

baby-bathtubBaby Bathtub

This is really your life easier. You can do it in your sink or in your bath, and it will be a bit limited in a smaller space. You’ll probably using your baby bath for six months, if not longer, until you feel comfortable with your baby is in the big bath.

A place for your Baby Sleep

Some parents prefer their baby to sleep in a separate room in a cradle of early, others want their little ones so close to them as possible. Anyway, you have many possibilities, including a crib, mini cribs, pack-n-play, crib, arms reach co-sleeper or your own bed! Think about your own body and lifestyle before taking any sleeper purchases.

Swing/Bouncy Seat

This is a great item to borrow from friends or buy used, because they are carefully used for a short period of time. Swings and bouncy seats an ideal option if you need for your baby down, so you can take a shower, fix your lunch or take a break!


There are many walkers on the market, which means that there is one for each lifestyle and budget. For infants, a snap-n-go stroller is a quick way to go from car seat stroller – the seat fits well in the stroller frame. Once your baby outgrows the child seat, you need a new stroller to a larger child. Whether you want a jogger, umbrella or hybrid model, I recommend the stroller from the store to call on the sidewalks, practice folding and unfolding, and then putting into and taking it out of the trunk (if applicable) to see how difficult it can be. Remember that when you have a wriggling, crying baby, the last thing you need is to struggle with collapsing a 40-pound stroller in your trunk.

Car Seat

A properly installed car seat is a must-have before you leave hospital with your new bundle of joy. A bucket-type seat is suitable from birth until your baby is 5 to 7 months old (depending on their size). You must type a convertible car seat that can face backwards (until baby is at least a year old and / or weighs 20 pounds) and then forward. Look for a seat which is high for the safety and fits well in your car.

baby-essentialsA sense of humor

Your life has just changed for the better, but it’s still crazy and overwhelming the first few weeks. Do not be packed in the “perfect” mother, and remember, your baby loves you and will really OK! So what if 40 thank you notes to write last night the dinner dishes in the sink and dirty clothes throughout the house. The first three months are all about survival from day to day, so do what is necessary to balance and happy. This is so fast and you’ll look back and wish time had moved slowly!