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baby fever after vaccination shots or immunizationA baby fever after vaccination shots is a natural reaction. Parents are usually worried about their infants because of ignorance about vaccination. Babies’ immune systems get stronger after vaccination. It can protect babies from many diseases. Babies are born with natural antibodies to fight infections and other is received by kids from mother’s milk. But these are temporary and vaccines are important to spruce up infants’ immunity.

Vaccines are organisms to fight various kinds of diseases but body usually treat these organisms as foreign bodies. The body fight off the strain of organisms injected through vaccines to give signs in the form of rise in temperature. When the individual is attacked by organisms, the body fights them back to save life of child. High temperature kills bacteria and viruses which thrive in the body at normal temperature. Rise in temperature help the body to produce more white blood cells, antibodies and other infection-fighting agents for infants’ protection. In fact, fever is beneficial in infants after vaccination.

Symptoms after immunization shots
  • Swelling or redness on skin may appear after vaccination.
  • Where the shot is usually given, may get soreness or tenderness of skin portion.
  • Fever may be mild to moderate that can go easily in a couple of days.
  • There is fussiness, irritability and uneasiness in the infants.
  • In rare cases, the severity is seen in infants in the form of breathing problem, wheezing, hives, weakness, fainting, dizziness and irregular heartbeat.
Tips for care of Infant after vaccination

Try to give emotional support to infants by staying close to them. Always take the baby into arms to press closer to your chest to soothe to give him/her a sense of security. Parents should always try to reduce the anxiety and pain of infants. Shots may unsettle child with fever and pain. Be careful to handle infants especially the portion where the injection is given. Dip a clean cloth in ice water to apply on redness or swelling after the shot to calm the pain of infants. Sugar solution can also be given to soothe the child.

Monitor infants’ temperature on regular basis, it may be between mild to moderate in infants. Plenty of liquids should be given to infants in running fever. Give medicines in consultation with the doctor. Apply a cool cloth to give comfort to the kids. After consulting the doctor, light paracetamol may be given to check the fever and discomfort.

After the shot, parents take care to leave pediatrician’s hospital after waiting for fifteen minutes. A serious reaction may occur within a few hours and proper treatment be ensured.