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What is the meaning of an allergy? Or what comes to your mind when the word allergy is uttered? Well it isn’t very difficult to explain the whole meaning of allergy, it is highly common and can also be sometimes got rid off, if properly treated. An Allergy is nothing but the physical reaction of the body to any kind of food taken in, touched, injected, inhaled or even ingested.

It is imperative to keep note of the foods that your baby eats on daily basis so that in case there is any kind of an allergy you would know the food that caused it. Make sure that you do not repeat the food that causes your baby to either have a bad stomach or a rash so that he is not troubled due to the same.

There are a whole lot of foods that are capable of causing an allergy or a reaction when eaten by your little one. For example, honey, eggs or even various milk products and proteins, that many a time do not suit the physical anatomy of your little angel causing him or her to get afflicted with it.

When your body reacts to any food it either makes you vomit due to an upset stomach or causes itchiness all over apart from the regular rashes, that also might happen with the same. If you notice your child feeling uneasy be sure that some thing hasn’t suited his constitution making him ill at ease because of the Allergic reaction. Always avoid the food which causes allergy to your child.

Visit the best doctor or a child specialist when you think your child is reacting to something so that he could explain the Dos and Don’ts of the same. Do not sit and try to cure the illness on your own. You could even hamper your own child’s health in the bargain.

Allergy is a common illness. If treated well and at the right time it could be completely harmless. So act fast and keep your child happy and healthy.