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baby girl child nutritionIn the developing or the under-developed countries there are several ways in which parents discriminate against the girl child. It was always seen how the boy child has always been given preference and priority over his sister for every little thing including a healthy diet. Due to the ridiculous cultures and traditions of various countries, the girl child suffer a great deal including being subjected to infanticide or feticide which has only worsened the sex ratio over the years.

The point here is, even in societies where there is no such inferiority hoisted on girl children, do parents, family or even the health services, place greater emphasis on the nutrition provided to a young girl? She is the mother of the next generation and hence, her basic nutrition should far outweigh the boy’s. A female body needs more calcium, iron and other nutrients in its influential years, to be able to bring forth healthy children and also keep their own bodies fit.

Bearing in mind reproduction as the only activity that nature meant the woman to do will not be wise enough, it’s also about the biological structure of the female. Whether or not she opts to become a mother, her chemistry and hormonal conditions change around mid-life and unless she has been well fed during her childhood and adolescence, the onset of middle age can bring in umpteen complications.

Aiming strictly at good health and environment for the baby girl child helps immensely. Parents must instill good habits including eating and behavioral. Right from childhood, they should take care that her weight or BMI is proper. Inculcating sound eating habits comes next for that is of prime importance when it comes to bring up a girl child. The significance of exercising daily should be told and taught from younger days. Keeping them fit to face the difficulties in future is a bold way to bring up your girl.

Remember, food grains and fresh fruits and vegetables are a ‘must’ for a woman’s body. Her childbearing capability demands (even if she chooses not to bear children) fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and fish. The intake of sugars and salts should be regulated as also oil and butter. This will also result in a glowing skin, great confidence boosting technique and hence a really good incentive to eat healthy.

The health of a girl child should become every nation’s priority, if the country wants its future citizens to be strong and healthy. On a smaller scale, families should be taught this too, only then will the change in attitude be brought about.