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How to Relieve Baby GasPainful gas can be bad experience for the child to endure. Gas is usually common in infants and crying can only communicate to the parents to know that the baby is in trouble. Try to prevent the gas that can build up bubble before starting to trouble the baby. It is advised that the breastfeeding mother should avoid certain foods which can cause the baby gas problem.


There are many causes of child’ gas problem. The breastfeeding mother must have precautions about her own diet and keep in mind that any thing that is consumed by her will pose a problem for the child. The use of colas, coffee, tea and chocolate can create trouble for the child. Try to avoid these products. Dairy products may be lactose intolerant for the child and should be avoided. Nuts, broccoli, beans and certain other things can be gassy for the baby. Changing of diet can make a difference without giving any medication.


The child is born with immature gut and the digestive system start to learn the function and it is not fully developed. Gas can have buoyancy pockets which get trapped in the upper and lower intestines to cause the child to cry. Generally crying of the child indicates gas problem in stomach.

Home remedies to relieve baby gas
  • After every breastfeeding and bottle feeding session, burping the infant solve the stomach gas problem of the child up to some extent. But it may not work always to eliminate the gas.
  • The massage techniques can help in releasing the gas and applying light pressure on the tummy will help the baby in giving gas free condition.
  • Some herbal extracts or essential oils are very effective to ease the gas problem. Dill and Fennel are used in gripe water to soothe the ailment. The homeopathic treatment is very effective to get relief from this problem.
  • Try to put the baby on her back to grab the ankles to move the legs in a bicycling motion to get the trapped gas to move. Place the child on her belly to gently rub or pat her back to induce burp to give her relief.
  • The infant can be carried in football hold with face down on the forearm and chin resting in the hand to put gentle pressure on the tummy to release the gas. Generally this technique should be avoided and must be done very carefully.
Preventions and Precautions
  • Try to use feeding bottle which contain an internal vent to eliminate the vacuum and air bubbles which can create gas problem.
  • Do not forget to burp while after  feeding the child and try to feed the child at a forty five degree angle.
  • Gently rub or pat the back of the child to give burp to give relief.
  • Give the child a digestible food which will not cause gas problem.
  • Use the nipple on the bottle which will not create gas problem. It should neither be too long nor too short to discomfort the child.
  • If the problem persists for very long time or days, take the child to the doctor.