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baby sun protectionSunburns cause skin damage to babies, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight penetrates deeper into the skin to produce wrinkling, sagging, broken blood vessels and even cancer. Pale-skinned babies have greater risk of damage on exposure to sunlight even on cloudy day or in the shady place. Sun protection is a must for babies. Use sun creams or clothing and accessories to prevent the sunlight from reaching baby’s skin. All the benefits of a healthy, active and outdoor enjoyment are relished by sitting in the sunlight without any harm to the skin with full protection.

Some Infant Sun Safety Tips

1. Limit the child’s exposure to the sunlight round the year, whether it is winter, and summer, snowy and rainy weather.
2. It is not to forget that snow, sand and water can harm skin on reflection of sunlight.
3. A baby sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect skin from sun exposure. Every part of the body should be covered under this sunscreen protection including lips, ears, hands and feet.
4. A brief and not too much exposure to sun is needed. Ultraviolet rays will enter through even windows or in a moving car to damage skin.
5. Always remember to protect the baby from sun which is strongest from ten AM to four PM.
6. Protect your infant even on cool days when sun rays are in full force but you don’t feel the heat.
7. It is advisable to dress your babies in lightweight clothing during summer days and use wide-brimmed hats to cover the faces, necks and ears even for grown up children. It will reduce the damage up to fifty percent.
8. Fabrics of certain types which are closely-woven blocks sunlight. Baby sun wear, suits, shield are very helpful.
9. A waterproof formula is the best prolonged safety but it must be reapplied because the children often sweat it out on playing outdoors.
10. Encourage  children to play in shady places but with protection of hats and sunscreen.
11. Sun cream specially made  for skin of babies is best to use to protect gentle skin of babies.
12. A long sleeve T-shirt is essential for the child to get protection from burning.
13. When you are at beach or pool with your children, keep them protected from hat, cloths and sun glasses as well.
14. Use parasol for babies in their buggy or pram. It is attached to buggy with a spring loaded clip and is usually quite cheap also for sun safety.
15. Mesh covers are also available like rainy cover to use in buggy from sun protection.
16. Sun-block lotion with natural, fragrance free oatment help is used to prevent moisture loss, is mild to the skin like water.