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Baby Ear Infection vs TeethingTeething of babies is a developmental milestone. It’s a natural but troublesome process. There are 20 teeth in the total set of milk teeth. It takes 2-3 years to come out all the 20 teeth. Initial time of teething is difficult. Due to pain and irritation the baby has tendency of biting everything and pulls his/her ears. Crying and fussy, disturbed sleeping pattern, slight fever, refusing feeding are the symptoms of teething. But tugging and pulling of ears are common symptoms of teething and ear infection. So its important to be sure whether its ear infection or teething. For ear infection proper medical check up is needed.

Parents will have to understand the difference between the symptoms of ear infection and teething . Baby can’t express and symptoms are very similar so carefully watch little differences.

  • When it is ear infection baby refuses to feed, pulls ears, highly irritable ears, but almost all these symptoms are of teething also. If it is teething as well as ear infection, baby may suffer from high fever. Due to pain and discomfort baby cries and fussy all the time.
  • But in case of teething baby only cries when teething pain arises. Only slight fever is seen and never high fever in case of teething.
  • The chance of getting ear infection increases, if the baby has recently suffered from cold. Fluid is formed in ears and discharges out. This can affect the hearing ability temporarily. In this case the baby should be checked up by doctor immediately.

Home remedies for Teething: Teething doesn’t cause much discomfort. To soothe simple home remedies are available. Give teething ring to bite. Refrigerated wash cloth chewing will also provide relief. You can give chilled banana to eat. Its cool effect will numb the gums for sometimes. Massage gently the gums with your washed finger. Diluted clove oil can be applied on the gums. These remedies will comfort the baby.

Why ear is affected in teething ?

How these are connected ? Because, jaw muscles and ear are close. So pull in jaw muscles affects ear. Pain of gums spread up to ears and cheeks.

There is nothing to do for mild ear infection. It resolves on its own. No drug is required. For relief warm compress can be given on the ear. Without doctor’s prescription don’t apply any drop or ointment. In case of high fever, it must be treated by doctor. For the babies under 6 months doctors don’t prescribe antibiotics. Now the doctor will decide how to treat high fever.

Generally ear infection is caused by cold, flu or any allergy. So its better to take precautionary measures to prevent the baby from getting cold. Even then if the baby gets infected, don’t take it easy and checked it up as soon as possible.