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baby's first birthdayAfter a year full of sleepless nights, grimy diapers, smelly rooms and unending arguments over who’s looked after the baby for how long and who has not, when it is finally the time to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, you look terribly exhausted yet happy thinking of the next year to be a little unperturbed and calm with the baby already a year old now.

Throwing a birthday bash for your child, whatever his age is, is always a colossal experience for the family as it gives each one an opportunity to express his love and emotions showing how much the baby ever meant to him or her, until then. Especially the first birthday, which is the best way to rejoice the beginning of a new life full of adventures and practices of all sorts.

To begin with, chalk out the details of the planned venture to enable each and every child his age to be a parcel of the same. Make sure you determine the number of guests, separating the kids from the adults to get the exact figure attending the gathering. Don’t go overboard and try handling more than your caliber, for that would only spoil the whole fun if not more.

Once the list of the guests including the kids and adults has been ascertained one must decide on the menu depending upon whatever is available and enjoyed by the ones around. While deciding about the food, one must also bear in mind the liking of the children invited for the party so that everything is consumed without the slightest fuss, pleasing the host and the guests both at the same time.

Before the evening, decorating the indoors for the right décor is definitely not a bad idea. One could bring into play colorful streamers and balloons apart from the silver spray pens to decorate the insides for the kids to freak out on.

The use of your baby’s pictures on the walls would also make a helluva difference, although he would really not understand all that is going around him owing to the age bracket he is in, yet it would obviously make the parent in you happy in every possible respect.

Memories are often left forgotten if not captured well in time. The aforementioned one-liner makes a whole lot of sense in this context. Therefore make sure that every moment of this day is photographed well by a professional so that whenever you wish to turn back time, you would hardly be disheartened.

In the end, its always fun to make sure that parties like this one are never a punishment. So do not try stretching them forever as it could only be a nightmare for you and the rest if nothing else. Don’t forget to hand over lovely return gifts to the kids leaving for home after all the fun they had.