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baby stuffy nose home remediesGrowing up troubles of babies often include blocked or stuffy nose with cough, which could be quite irritating for the little one. Generally, stuffy nose or common cold is caused by some virus infection in upper respiratory system with symptoms like running nose, sore throat, cough etc. Such infections affect the child from the outside of home or by any home member who is already infected.

Stuffy nose symptoms also appear while the child remains in cold weather for a very long time without proper clothing. Bathing for long time in cold water is also a good cause of this ailment. Also, when the baby is left in a wet or a moist towel for long they catch cold and become uneasy almost immediately. No doubt, this is parents’ responsibility to take care of their baby to prevent all these things. For instance the easiest way a child could end up having a stuffy nose would be due to irresponsible bathing techniques, coming into contact with infected person or going out of home without proper precautions.

Normally common cold viral infection does not require any medication or visit to the doctor. It gets clear itself within 5-7 days. However, efforts must be done to make the child comfortable and to avoid severe nose blockage while sleeping. Following are some home remedies to clear baby’s stuffy nose:

Steam works wonders in such cases. As parents, we often forget important things when it comes to remembering them. Hence, reiterating, steam could be ideal solution for a blocked nose. Try giving the baby some of it and see how quickly his nose clears making him feel better within no time at all.

Almond oil beats everything without a doubt. Make sure you always have a bottle of almond oil for your little ones at home. The moment you see that his nose is blocked and the baby is unable to breathe, just put two drops of oil in his nostrils and within a few hours you will see miracles happening. Almond oil is known to be warm enough for colds, coughs and even a congested chest. So rub on for instant relief!

Saline water nose drops could be useful too. Try making it at home so that you know how pure or genuine it is. All you need is a cup of water and some table salt. Mix the two and gently pour two drops in your baby’s blocked nostril for some comfort.

  • Keep your little one covered well with thick blankets and quilts so that they remain nice and warm and get well sooner. Also keep your patience high for he might cry due to the suffocating experience of having a blocked nose.
  • Don’t panic and stay with him all the time. This way the baby would feel relaxed making him well in a jiffy. Don’t forget to give him warm water to drink every now and then for that’s again of prime importance at such times.
  • Take care that your baby is always covered and away from the water immediately, after he has had a bath. Venturing too long in the bath tub isn’t a good idea. It usually gives little ones a bad cold with blocked nostrils.

In case the little one doesn’t get well with the aforementioned home remedies, and of course do not hesitate to look up a doctor if needed.