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Bath time is a special time of connection with a baby and their parents. It is a time to play gently, talk and sing.

Get everything you need before beginning: The list includes water, washcloth, alcohol pads, bath towel (with hood if you have one), clean diaper, any items you use regularly during a diaper change (for little circumcised boys this would include Vaseline and gauze squares ) and fresh clothes. Use a special baby wash and baby shampoo, preferably with natural calendula oil, regular soaps and shampoos can be too harsh or drying. Infants lose body heat very quickly, so make sure before bathe a baby, the room temperature should be 75°F to 80°F ideally.

Newborn baby bathing tips: Gently cradle your head in one hand and use the other side to their clothing. Gently wash with a soft, warm washcloth and dry it with a towel. If you wish, you can wash the one body part at a time, like move to next  after clothing an area is washed and dried. This is not necessary unless you are in a cool room.

It is a good idea, with the “less dirty” areas, at first from the diaper to the last, so you do not use the baby wash in dirty water. As you proceed, you should gently wash behind her ears, the crevices in the neck, elbow and knee, and between the fingers and toes. It is a good idea to wash a newborn’s hair at the end of bath time. This will help him or her to lose too much body heat. Most newborns are not having much hair, so it is easy to sponge with lots of water the same way as the rest of the body. Almost all children don’t like their eyes wet. If you tip the head back just a bit and make him bath front to back, you can prevent water in the eyes of your baby.