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With the advancement of science and technology and that of computers, along with learning of computers, especially by children, has lead to crimes associated with computers or internet increasing considerably. It sometimes becomes difficult to believe that even young boys and girls are competent enough to hack websites of the others. Even very secure websites have been hacked by children in their teens. It is essential to keep a watch on the activities of your child to ensure that he is not involved in such activities and may not land in trouble in future. If you have even a little doubt, try to nip the evil in the bud.

The following precautions should be taken to ensure that your child is not involved in such things.

The most important is to keep a tab on the web browsing history, see the sites your child is visiting. In case of doubt consult some expert. Next is to keep a tab on the phone numbers called. If long calls have been made to unknown numbers ensure to get these verified.

Further, if the child is using a cash card, then be cautious, as he may be trying to ensure that you do not know calling history. Children often do such unwanted work away from the eyes of the parents. If the child quickly logs off, or closes the sites open when you approach him, it is certain that he is doing something fishy or is on porno sites. Try to remove the computer from the bed room to the living room.

Don’t allow the child to be on the computer at late night hours. Instead, he can work during the day on holidays or after school. Being online with virtual friends for a longer time as compared to real friends should be a cause for investigation. Installation of new hardware and software also needs to be investigated.

Monitor incoming phone calls on the telephone. If there are calls asking to talk to a person of a strange name be cautious, as your child may be trying to conceal his identity. When the child has attained a level of perfection on the computer to the extent of hacking another computer, it may be difficult for you or even an expert to detect what the child is up to.

In such a case, try discussing your apprehensions with the child explaining to him fully the consequences of such deeds, and the disrespect it will case to the child and family in case he is found and arrested. Also the parents may lose their jobs being connected to such a child. Regular discussion and counselling is the best way out.