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Many cultures have massage as part of baby care for centuries, and research shows they may have many advantages. Not only that massage can get to know you and your baby’s body language. But there is also a wonderful opportunity to help your child feel safe and secure by showing that he or she is loved and cared for.

How to do Infant Massage ?

There are no fixed rules for the fast and baby massage, except to make sure you do it safely. Your baby and you will discover what works best for you both. Please note that massage is something that your child is not limited to the child. It is strongly recommended that you seek guidance and education on massage techniques from a qualified baby massage therapist, midwife or other health care professionals to ensure that you do it safely. A ten minutes massage, two or three times a week helps in strengthening the parent-child relationship, children love it and it can help to alleviate suffering baby.

Massage Therapy Benefits

In today’s society, parents have heavy workloads and both their work and at home, which directly affect the quality time with children. Infant massage, an ancient tradition, is simple, free, can be administered almost anywhere and has a variety of emotional and physical health benefits for both parents and baby. A child with a strong feeling of the plant is growing more confident, assured and happy. The parent-child attachment is in the first months of life, so much of its definition of child through massage has a profound effect on the emotional well being of children and can be used to create a feeling of security for the growing child. The emotional benefits of infant massage, such as quality, one-to-one loving touch, can also be experienced by fathers.

The task of developing a regular and restful sleep pattern for a new baby is often an exercise in frustration and confusion for many parents. Research has shown that children grow faster in the hospital, if properly massaged. This is in large part to the fact that massaged babies actually more time than quiet and calm, but vigilant, and that if they sleep, it was very deep and restful. This led to a more structured sleep pattern, and prolonged periods during the night sleep.

Doing a massage right after always home from work, a parent with a child back after an exhausting day, and will help baby and parents to relax and unwind. If you and the child have developed a routine, you will have a capacity to disrupt the calm your child. It is time, which is exactly what is needed, not food, not a new diaper, but soothing, relaxing touch that a parent can their kids. Although the circumstances surrounding a change in their routine and environment, a daily massage can be the hub of your baby’s routine the night and the item that when preparing to fall into a deep, restorative sleep. In addition, learn to relax in our hectic world is a skill parents need care for themselves and for their children. Studies suggest that the positive effects of the practice infant massage are just as deep on the parents physical, mental and emotional well being, as they are for babies.

Infant massage has also been shown that this positive benefit children with food, gastrointestinal, bonding, mounting, weight gain, global challenges, including a baby in total sleep rhythms. Massage also helps children learn about their body and stimulates brain function and the interaction between mother and child during the massage, the intellectual abilities of children as well, resulting in increased mental capacity.