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Co-sleeping with the child means the parents and children are sleeping in the same room or bed. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with this practice. It can be safely said that the advantages are far more than disadvantages.

Advantages of co-sleeping can be enumerated as follows:

While sleeping with parents the child develops a sense of security, this is very helpful for the child throughout the life. The children who feel secure are always better than others in studies and extracurricular activities. These children are often well mannered, they do not feel lonely or try to search for parents in sleep as is common amongst the children, and such children will sleep longer and will get up fresh and playful.

If the child has not got proper sleep, he remains generally irritated. The best way of co-sleeping is that the child sleeps between the two parents. Never sleep with your child if intoxicated as you may accidentally harm the child. Don’t put the child on the side as the children move around in bed when sleeping and there are chances of his falling down from bed. If the child has to be placed on the side ensure that the space under the bed is fluffy and fall does not result in injury. A better practice is to place a pillow at the end of the bed so that it prevents the child from falling off the bed.

As per research, a baby forgets many things quite fast but also picks up from the others. Often a baby forgets how to eat or breathe. Being with the parents infant will see parents breathing and will not face this problem. Further in case of children getting feed from mother, it will be more comfortable for both mother and child. Being with mother throughout the night a child can get feed at more frequent intervals and remain contented and healthy.

The best advantage is the development of close bond between parents and children. The child gets more attached to both the parents, even if both the parents go out for work but sleep together with the child. The child will tend to forget the loneliness, if any, faced during the day when with other family members or at play school.

We have enumerated some of the advantages of co-sleeping. But this is associated with some disadvantages. If the parents do not have sound sleep i.e. they are light sleepers, it is possible that they may have disturbed sleep. Often the child gets up at night or while rolling around in the bed kicks the parents. Without adequate sleep it may become difficult to work in office next day. Also those with grown up children should remember to behave properly when with children.