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Exercise is the wholesome diet for mind and soul. A good and healthy day begins with a few minutes of exercise. Exercise is not only important for athletes but it is required by all age groups of all shapes. In today’s busy life parents don’t have much time to spend with their children. Toddlers spend much of their time watching T.V. or playing computer games. Research has shown that children of even 5 years age group are now facing problem of poor eye vision. It is very important for you to spend some time with your champ playing physical games. Chasing the child around the home is the best and a thrilling exercise for your child. You can also jump with him.

Exercise gives strength to the muscles of your child. In this age exercise makes a child fit and healthy because with exercise the child feels fresh and his appetite also improves a lot. Even if your child is very active, exercise can help him gain height and weight. Another benefit of exercise is that it is the best and easiest way of directing energy of the child in the positive direction. Otherwise, a child may also become a problematic child.

The most important thing is your awareness and concern for the growth of your child. Do you engage in recreation with your child? Do you spend some quality time with your child by playing games of his interest to make him physically active? For your child you are the perfect individual. Kids imitate their parents. If you develop the habit of doing exercise, your child will positively learn the same habit by copying you.

For older kids exercise is helpful in getting right body structure. Exercise encourages them learn the competitive spirit. Exercise or playing games in fresh air is helpful for the active functioning of brain. With the habit of exercise, a child can overcome his stress and routine tensions.  If your child is not taking interest in exercise, you can encourage him by offering different types outdoor games. You can arrange for the membership of a swimming center for him, you can encourage him to try riding, you can arrange a basketball set in the backyard of your home for him and you can put a zip line in the backyard of home.

Teach your kids the value of exercise. Guide him that why you are telling him to do exercise, why it is necessary for the physical growth. Upgrade his knowledge regarding this field. It will also be helpful in bringing your child close to nature. Fresh air not only improves his physical health but also gives him a healthy and psychologically strong mind.
Your goal should be the all round development of your child. The habit of exercise can make him healthy and active for the whole life.