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Night time is a time for the body and mind to relax. We can start our morning happily if we have been comfortable at night. Same case is with children. Children are more sensitive than us. They grow much during sleep, as has been proved by many scientific inquiries. For the proper growth of children, parents should make them wear clothes of soft fabrics. The nightwear of your child should be loose fitted and soothing. If the night is very hot you can suggest your child to wear light colored night suit made of thin material. Nightwear should also be airy.

It is very necessary that your child can move easily in the nightdress. No part of the dress like frills, buttons etc. should act as hindrances in his moving while sleeping. No accessories should be attached to it to ensure the comfortable sleep of the child. Many baby print fabrics are available in the market. You can even stitch a good nightwear for your child.  But always keep in mind the quality, as inferior chemicals used in prints and designs can be harmful for your loved one.

Some parents are of the view that in summer nights, it is okay if the child sleeps in his under garments only. This is not at all safe as many kinds of insects are common in summers. A poisonous bite on your child’s tender skin can take away much of your calm and happiness, in addition to giving much pain and discomfort to your child. Sometimes when the weather gets cool at night, your kid can catch cold if he is sleeping without a proper dress. So, you should be careful in summers too.

Children are very conscious about what they wear even at night. You must have experienced that from the age of 6-7 months children start reacting in different ways to express their choice of clothes. When they reach the age of 2 years, they start wearing clothes of their own choice. So when you are going to purchase a night wear for your child, you should take him along with you. But if it is not possible, you should keep in mind the color choice of your child.

Children love shiny and colorful clothes with cartoons. Keep this fact in mind if you want that your child wear clothes with happiness spread all over his face. Avoid shine and glitters on nightdresses because in darkness, these can attract insects. Nightwear can also be of cotton stuff. A cotton T-Shirt and a trendy cotton pajama with pockets can be a good choice for a male child. White, brown, gray, or blue color will be the right choice for a baby boy. You can switch to pink, red, purple or a yellow colored cotton frock or a t-shirt with a pajama for your girl angel.

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