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Bedwetting can be a source of much discomfort and humiliation for young children. Bedwetting or enuresis, as it is called in medical parlance, is a major source of embarrassment for many children in the 4-16 age group. According to some studies, about 15-20% of the school going children in the above-mentioned age group suffer from this condition. This condition can get on the nerves of young children and they may become so much conscious about it that they may avoid to go on camping or may refuse to sleep in case they are not in their own house.

Bedwetting Causes

Enuresis or bedwetting is primarily a sleep disorder. The child sleeps so much soundly that he even forgets to wake up and use the toilet at night. Actually, our sleep has various patterns. One is the REM pattern. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. In this state the child is in a dreaming condition and is in no danger of being affected by enuresis. The next level, which is of deep sleep, is the main culprit. Once the child has entered this state of sleep, it is very difficult for him to awaken and go to the toilet. Many a time, bedwetting turns out to be a hereditary condition. Those children who have had cases of betwetting or sleepwalking in their families suffer from this disease most often.

Effects of Enuresis in Kids

This humiliating condition can have a variety of other effects, in addition to the embarrassment suffered by the child. The child may develop low self-confidence or may not be able to concentrate his attention on a range of tasks, including his homework and assignments. He may take resort to daydreaming and may find it extremely difficult to stand or lie still for extended periods of time.

Myths about child bedwetting

There are many misconceptions related to this condition.

  • One myth is that the child possesses a weak bladder. This is certainly not the case as the child is completely normal during the daytime.
  • People believe that such children are quite normal at dealing with emotional problems because enuresis is taken to be a physical disorder. On the contrary, a child who suffers from this condition finds it very difficult to deal with his emotions.
  • Some people suggest that fewer fluids should be given to such children. This is absolutely baseless because the food that we eat is itself converted into liquid in the stomach. There is no relation with the intake of fluids at bedtime and bedwetting.

If you punish or make child ashamed some or the other way that he should not wet the bed at night, you will not be able to improve his condition even a jot. On the other hand it may become a source of embarrassment not only for you but especially for your child as well. Alarms also do not help in this case because they go off after the bed has been made wet by the child.

Solutions & Treatment

Try to find out the actual reason of enuresis in children, weather it it psychological problem or any body organ disorder. You should also consult pediatrician before reaching to any conclusion.Develop a habit in child to go bathroom before going to sleep at night. Avoid giving children those food items which contain caffeine, which produce more urine output. Bedwetting diapers or alarm can also be used initially for  the temporary relief.

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