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Bipolar disorder in children is a very complex and hard disorder to handle. It is very difficult for parents of such children to manage them easily. A child with bipolar disorder sometimes behaves hyperactively or gets extremely depressed the other time. The sleep hours of these children are also less. At times, the sleep period of bipolar disorder affected children is of only 4 to 5 hours a day and they are astoundingly active the next morning too. They feel happy to live in their Disney world. Children may sometimes giggle uncontrollably or may do illogical actions at home, school, church or public places.

Symptoms: Bipolar disorder in children can occur at the age of 6 and above. Children of bipolar disorder are of the thinking that they are extremely smart and know every thing. They even tend to guide teachers about the teaching methods. Some children can try to copy superheroes. In bipolar disorder, a child experiences a great flight of ideas. You cannot restrict him on any topic. Such children have tremendous supply of power and enthusiasm and can even jump from the window to copy their superhero.

There are some guiding principles that will surely help you to deal with such a child. You should help him use his energy in a positive manner. Motivate him to learn some skills, which involve physical activities to a large extent. Dance, martial art classes, athletics etc. can be good choices for exploiting the extra energy.

You should keep in mind the psychological status of your child also. Always use motivational methods. Don’t force him to do what you want from him. Listen to him and communicate with him in an agreeable mood. You should be supportive and honest with your child. The children with bipolar disorder are very sensitive and if they feel cheated they can become more problematic.

You should always appreciate whatever the child does in a positive way. While assigning him any activity you must lay down some rules for the operation of that activity. You should also define some penalty for the breach of these rules. It is true that a child with bipolar disorder is not in a mood to listen to anyone because he thinks himself smart enough to accomplish each and every thing.

You should make sure that the child does as many activities as would help him to get tired so that he can sleep for a good time. You should also take special care of his diet. As the child is hyper active, he needs a wholesome diet. You should motivate him to eat in a healthy manner.

You should always deal with your child with saintly patience, love and tenderness. You can also take help from child experts and psychiatrists and can put him on medication. Medicines can have serious side effects too. So, it’s only your wisdom and tactful handling that can do magic and help your child overcome the disorder.