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Many of the old and well authored books often say that bonding comes naturally once the little one’s born. They believe that when the mother holds her baby in her arms she immediately gets bonded with him. But under various circumstances this may not hold true. That means to say that there could be cases where in despite seeing and holding her baby the mother was still not completely bonded with him. It isn’t because she hates her baby but obviously as every relation takes time to develop, even if it means to become a good mother to your child.

The first look at your baby could have you fall head over heels in love with him. You might want to hold him all day long and still not be satisfied. His smiles and cries could make you someone full of emotional ups and downs just like many other mothers and fathers all over the world. Becoming parents is one of the best feelings that anyone would wish to go through. It is also blend of tears and grins which often take a toll on many making them glued to their little one’s all the time.

If you feel you, unlike the rest still aren’t bonded with your child, then it isn’t abnormal at all. There are several cases where the mother doesn’t get bonded with her child immediately after his birth. In their situation, it may take longer for her to realize that she loves her child. Holding the little one in her arms and cuddling him could slowly make that happen. That’s when the baby comes closer to her and vice versa. Make him feel that you love him in every respect and you will note that you are slowly getting closer to him as a mother.

As you begin talking and smiling with him he would start recognizing and understanding you. As a result your child would start responding to your actions eventually bonding the two of you in an eternal bond. It is not at all difficult to make yourself know that you love your child for nature has it happening naturally for everyone. Of course it could take time in certain cases but eventually a mother gets bonded with her little one and that’s a fact.

For natural or biological parents, to a great degree, bonding with their little bundles of joy comes naturally while in case of parents who adopt their babies it could sometimes take a little longer than the usual. They might not understand and know why they are taking time to bond or come close to their little adopted baby but once they start talking, smiling and holding him closer, it automatically will happen.

Psychologically speaking bonding with your child is of prime importance for it definitely reflects in his later years too. They often say that children sharing a natural bond with their parents grow normally. They have more confidence and are never bogged down by petty or trivial issues unlike many others who don’t vibe well with their folks making them low-esteemed, under confident teenagers and adults.

So when it comes to bonding with your child make sure you don’t lag behind. Instead move ahead, hold him in your arms and just fall in love with him. It is then when you realize what a wonderful experience it is to become a parent.