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Each and every parent wants his/her child to do the best. They want their young one to develop academic excellence. Getting good marks or being academically successful does not guarantee that the child will be successful in his chosen career. If he develops self-confidence right from the formative years it will help him to achieve academic as well as professional success.

Do not put too many restrictions on your child

Putting too many restrictions on your child’s activity will not give him a chance to use his mind. He will develop an inferiority complex and pay the price later on in life.

On the other hand, over-pampered children do not develop confidence as their parents are too lenient with them. They are allowed to do whatever they like without evaluating what is good or bad.

Joy of independence in children is important

Directing the child to do things the way you want will not interest him. Give him adequate freedom to do what he likes while keeping a check on the child. Let him experience the joy of doing things on his own rather than in doing something because his father told him so.

Start from the house

Parents tend to advise the child “do this”, “don’t do that” etc. when they go out of the house. Don’t give orders. Give the child small household tasks like setting the table or stacking cloths in the cupboard.

Do not order him to do the work. Explain to him that he will be helping the mother to finish her work faster. Once the child finishes the task, reward him duly so that he gets an incentive to do some other jobs later on. These activities will definitely improve self esteem in children.

Never shout on your kids in front of others

Children are very sensitive. Even if they do not express themselves, they make a mental note of every negative or positive signal. Do not insult your child in front of others.

Do not humiliate him but explain to him what has gone wrong, when no one is around. Only then will your child respect you and your feelings and he will grow in confidence.

All children are not the same

Each and every child in the house is different mentally and physically. Parents should not expect all of them to grow up similarly. While one may be good in studies, another may shine in sports. Never compare your child with others as it might make him feel inferior. Always encourage children to do better.

Try to answer correctly to all queries raised by kids

Children raise a number of questions. Some of them may not be taken seriously by the parent. Howsoever silly the question may sound, try to answer the question clearly.

This will enhance the child’s faith in you and he will approach you whenever he faces a problem. On the contrary, if you ridicule him on the any question, he will never ask your advice.

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