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To make your child learn the primary lessons of self esteem can be a sensitive as well as a very tough task because there is very minute difference between self esteem and snobbery. Praising your child at every right and wrong occasions must be avoided, as an all time appreciation can turn them into self-righteous and boastful.

When guests arrive and the kid starts whimpering and throwing things at them, what mamma do is that she tries to placate the baby with other things or gives the baby some candies or cookies to detract. But what a child is learning by this gesture of yours is that whenever he will show anger, he will be rewarded for it. So it is quite a different ballgame and in this case parents will need to work in the shoes of their children to understand their psychology properly.

Make your child capable of winning but don’t let him/her think that winning is everything. Success is good but failure is important to enjoy and retain the success as ‘F’ comes before ‘S’. Surely different age groups of children will need slightly differentiated treatments for the acceptance or failure as fairly as success.

Let your child defeat you sometimes in Carom but don’t forget to show your good hand to him/her in scrabble, so that he/she realizes that everybody has got some or other kind of talent and no one is inferior. If they will not taste the failure at younger age then it will hit them very hard in advance stage of life.
Following ways can be implemented to boost your child’s self-esteem:

  • Warranted praise: Praise your child only when it is actually required and when they have really put the best of their efforts.
  • Reinforcement: Don’t always nag them for doing wrong but also encourage them when you see them doing simple but good things – like watering the plants, and you will certainly see the repetition very soon.
  • Encouragement: Encourage their each and every minute effort in order to improve their performance and let them feel that you are a watchful and sensible parent.
  • Share the Joy: Share their excitement with same enthusiasm when they accomplish something unusual.
  • Eye to Eye: Always make a clear eye contact with your child so that they know that you pay heed to their opinions.
  • Communication Factor: Always communicate with your child as it will enable them to be vocal and your bonding with them will also be strengthen by this. It will help them to open up to you.

Generosity and modesty are the virtues which must be instilled in your child along with self-esteem. Your child must not make other inferior in order to show himself superior, feeling of equity and tolerance must be inculcated. Otherwise he/she will always be the trouble maker. Let your child face the every truth of life without any illusion. This will make him strong and steady. Let your child flow with the course of life.

Every parent wants to have children who are amicable, confident and go-getters not the snob and devils who are addicted to win at any cost. For this accomplishment you will need to act as a parent, a mentor and a friend.

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