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Activities that Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for Children

Being healthy and leading a good life is the topic of discussion amongst families and in family gatherings in which the children are present with parents. With a lot of material available in the public domain more and more people are going through and reading it. They do try to implement some of the suggestions […]

What to do on a Rainy Day for Kids?

Both parents and children dread spending long rainy or frosty days indoors with nothing much to do. Watching TV is not a very good option. Activities which interest and excite the child are necessary, as they will hone his creative skills and some activities can even be productive. Children love to make believe so get […]

Activities to Keep Your Toddler Fit

Obesity is spreading like an epidemic in the developed world. Children, mostly from affluent section of society, tend to become overweight due to two reasons. The first being good and healthy food and the second being lack of activity or exercise. It is necessary that the child should be on a balanced diet and should […]

Preschool Child Development Activities

Kids, as they grow, need a lot of attention of the parents. It will not be wrong to say that parents are the first teachers of any child. When the child is young, he will look towards the parents to satisfy his desire to learn about any new thing he see or come across. Then […]

Motivation Activities for Children at Home

Motivation is the best method of teaching the child in the way you want her to do a particular act or behave in a particular manner. Parents are the first teachers of any child. As the child grows up and starts to understand, he looks towards the mother for instructions. At a very young age […]

Free Play Therapy Activities For Children

After school, books and homework, children want to relax in their own way, playing or any fun activity which they enjoy to do. May be indoor or outdoor, with friends or even alone, whatever it may be. This is called free play, and every child must play or spend some times freely after their daily […]

Fun Beach Activities For Kids

Beaches are the places where people go to enjoy themselves. People of all ages enjoy different activities like sun bathing or going swimming in the sea, bathing, fishing or racing in new age vehicles. Those living near the sea line often go out with children for a day out enjoying doing different things, each according […]

Outside Fun Playgroup Activities For Toddlers

As babies grow as toddlers, they start enjoying the outside world at large. Going out of the four boundary walls of the house provides them a lot of happiness. Once they get into the habit of going out, they crave to go and play every day. The mother is the person who normally accompanies the […]

Fun Activities For Toddlers At Home

Exercise is an important aspect for development of the child. At different stages of growth, toddlers need different exercises to tone up muscles and build bones. When too young to move or walk, the child vigorously move arms and legs when he gets up in the morning after sound sleep and when feeling happy. When […]