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10 Step by Step Instructions for Infant Massage

Each and every baby in this world is undoubtedly a miracle. Parents are ready to do anything and everything to make their babies smile. In the early stages of  an infant’s life, he/she may not be able to express their exact feelings and emotions. At times, we parents may not  be able to predict their […]

How to Encourage Baby to Talk with Responsive Words?

Communicating with your child right from the early stages of his/her development is very important for your child’s speech development. In addition, some of the most modern researches also suggest that parents notice a great deal of improvement in their child’s language if, they respond back to their child starting from the first month of […]

Feeding Low Birth Weight Babies

The optimum weight of a baby at the time of birth is 2.5 kg for a girl, and slightly more for a boy. If the weight of the baby is lower than this, then special care needs to be taken, especially in feeding. Feeding low birth weight babies require extra efforts for mothers and caretakers. […]

How to Manage Multiple Babies ?

Though having multiple children at one time, may be two or three or still more, may seem amusing to others, but it is a nightmare for the parents, especially the mother. It is tougher if they live in a unitary family and there are no other members to provide help to them. With the increased […]

Breath Holding Spells in Infants

Breath holding spells are reported in about 5% of babies between the ages of 6 and 18 months. However, in some cases the child may continue to hold his breath till the age of five years. After that this is very rare. A breath holding spell is often confused with seizure disorder. The most common […]

Types of Birthmarks on Babies Pictures and it's Causes

Appearance of birth marks on the body of the child is a common phenomenon. As per an estimate, around 1 in every 10 children is born with a birth mark. The birth mark may be in the shape of a small mole or pigmented area. The pigment may be of blue, green or red color. […]

Baby Ear Infection vs Teething

Teething of babies is a developmental milestone. It’s a natural but troublesome process. There are 20 teeth in the total set of milk teeth. It takes 2-3 years to come out all the 20 teeth. Initial time of teething is difficult. Due to pain and irritation the baby has tendency of biting everything and pulls […]

Does Teething Cause Fever In Babies?

The baby is crying excessively, rubbing nose and ears, slight fever, doesn’t sleep whole night and not even let you too. Is the baby between 3 months to 12 months of age? It may be teething problem. Check the gums of the baby. Is it red swollen accompanied with diarrhea, cough and slight fever? The […]

Is Gripe Water Safe For Newborns ?

From generation to generation it is considered that gripe water is as important in baby care as milk. We don’t know since how long parents rely on gripe water without any question. But it’s the time when people don’t have blind faith on anything. They want to know everything about what they use. So there […]