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How To Potty Train Your Baby ?

Every child is a unique child and has different habits. So, there is not a clear-cut formula as to when your darling baby is ready for toilet training. Some kids become conversant with this chore at the age of one year only whereas many others take two to three years to get trained. A child […]

Best Alternative to Baby Formula is Natural Milk

If you cannot afford costly baby formulas, there is no need to get perturbed. Many solutions are available in the market at genuine rates. Human beings’ babies have been feeding on cow’s, buffalo’s or goat’s milk for ages. It’s only in the modern world that companies have convinced mothers that powdered milk is the best […]

What Is Baby Colic ?

A colicky baby can be a source of immense agony for the parents. Parents have to be educated in this regard. Let’s gain some information on this matter. Colic is basically the pattern of excessive crying in a baby and there is no concrete reason for this crying. The baby is otherwise normal and healthy. […]

Introducing Solid Foods To Baby

The beginning of solid food and finger food for your baby is one of the important phases of your child’s development. Your baby learns how to grasp things with the help of his thumb and the index finger. Hand to mouth co-ordination is also learnt by the child and the facial muscles also undergo good […]

How to help children when they start walking ?

Age of toddler beginning to walking The moment the child begins to stand up on its feet, the parents start visualising their children walking. Some even try to get them to walk. In spite of all this the child usually walks only when its ready for it. Usually most children begin to stand up around […]

How To Set Children Bedtime Routine ?

Systemic and organised approach always yields positive results.  This principle applies to putting the children to sleep too. Getting the kids to bed at a set time everyday will help them to get enough rest and make them happy and healthy. For this a bed time routine should be established. A good bed time routine […]

How to Select the Name of Newborn Baby ?

Congratulations for having a baby! Now you face the difficult question of choosing a proper name for your baby. It all depends on parents choice and interest. You have to keep in mind at least 10 points before choosing a proper name for your baby. Gender: If you know your baby’s gender your choice of […]

How to Select Best Baby Backpack Carrier ?

Baby carriers offer maximum benefits to both mother and child. With so many different models on the market, parents are often surprised when choosing a baby carrier for their child. There are so many benefits of baby carriers. The baby carrier offers two advantages of the mother and the child: Increase the social awareness of […]

Baby Teething Problems and Remedies

‘When do babies start teething’ is a very common question among new parents. Teething is a natural process that results in the sequential growth of the infant’s teeth. Teething can start at an early age of 3-months or may even take at least 1-year to start. The baby or milk or deciduous teeth, as they […]