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How to Bottle Feed a Baby ?

Generally, baby bottles are of three types: glass, plastic and bottles made of plastic, which have throwaway plastic liners. Bottles made of glass have excellent durability but they are not lightweight and are prone to breaking. Bottles made of plastic are light in weight and are strong. Bottles having liners also come in handy because […]

Important Tips for Giving Baby Medicine

Following are most important tips to keep in mind before giving medicine to children: If you wrap a blanket around the baby’s arms, the child will not struggle. If the child spits out the medicine, put a little more and try to close the mouth by holding the lower jaw. Do not hold the nose […]

Infant Cold And Stuffy Nose Remedies

A running or stuffy nose is probably the most common symptom encountered in infants. All children, at sometime or the other, will have this problem. In a majority of cases, the cause is infant cold, a viral infection or an allergy. In between due to congestion and infection, the nose may get blocked and cause […]

Symptoms and Causes of Baby Diarrhea

It is estimated that 70 million children, under the age of 5 years die every year. In 30% of these children the diarrhea is associated with malnutrition. While diarrhea can be worrying in small babies, in older children it is unlikely to cause any health risk as long as you ensure that your child has […]

Baby Teething Age Chart

When do baby teeth ? All of us have teeth, but the age at which we get first tooth or milk tooth, is not the same for all. Some children get their first tooth by the age of 4 months while others may not get one till one year. Both types of children are normal, […]