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How to Prevent Teenage Suicide?

Suicide is a grave matter and now days we hear a lot about children committing suicide. They take this step when they feel hemmed in by circumstances and pressure both at home and at school. As a child enters teen age, he becomes aware of sexual feelings and is confused about how to handle them. […]

Why do Kids Cut Themselves?

For us as adults it is generally difficult under ordinary circumstances to think of cutting oneself. Causing injury to one’s own body is a difficult task. Despite this we hear on TV and read in newspapers reports regarding children and teenagers in particular cutting themselves. This is a horrifying experience for the families of such […]

Breath Holding Spells in Infants

Breath holding spells are reported in about 5% of babies between the ages of 6 and 18 months. However, in some cases the child may continue to hold his breath till the age of five years. After that this is very rare. A breath holding spell is often confused with seizure disorder. The most common […]

Teaching Tolerance to Children

Tolerance is usually talked about in terms of religion and ethnicity. In a wider sense it means having respect for others who are different from you, whether it is in intellect, gender or physical abilities. Your attitude should be such that you can embrace people who are not the same as you, hold different views […]

Importance of Hand Washing for Children

Washing hands frequently is the best way to prevent germs from entering the body of a child. Children make no distinction between clean and unclean things when they play. They play in the mud, touch animals and hold hands with a child who has a cold. Thereafter they touch their mouth, nose and eyes and […]

What is Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids?

Nature deficit disorder is a recent term and refers to the trend of modern day children to remain confined to the four walls of their homes. As a result of this non exposure to nature, they develop certain problems mostly related to behavior, which were not generally found in children of older times who used […]

Motivation Activities for Children at Home

Motivation is the best method of teaching the child in the way you want her to do a particular act or behave in a particular manner. Parents are the first teachers of any child. As the child grows up and starts to understand, he looks towards the mother for instructions. At a very young age […]

Ways to Prevent Bullying in Schools

Bullying is a big problem in school these days. Generally when a child enters school, the older children or seniors indulge in bullying. They might push, kick or call names or otherwise threaten the new comer. The kid feels hurt and scared and often tries to avoid school on one pretext or the other. The […]

Use of Behavior Modification Charts for Children

The basic instinct of every parent is to shout or punish the kids for their misbehavior. These may work initially but soon the kids immune to it. They tend to turn rebellious, conceal the truth by lying, take to bad habits etc. To avoid landing up in hot oven from frying up, it best to […]