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What Is ADHD ?

It is a common occurrence these days that children are wrongly diagnosed as suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Similarly, children who suffer from this disorder and need proper attention and medication, often go undetected. ADHD Medication Policy Worldwide To avoid the above-mentioned situations, pediatricians all over the world have thought of the introduction […]

Different Types Of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a problem that is widespread but still tends to be elusive. It is because of the fact that children cannot always express and sometimes even don’t know that they are being abused. Parents also tend to hush up such matters. However, with the sensitization of society in this regard, this problem is […]

Middle Child Syndrome Characteristics and Personality

If there are three or more children in the family, the middle one often feels neglected or less attaining the love & affection by the parents. This syndrome is commonly known as ‘middle child syndrome’. The middle ones feel that the first ones get a fair share of everything as they are the eldest and […]

Junk Food And Children

Every body knows that junk food is not very healthy and nutritious for children. By realising this fact, parents should restrict the kids for junk food as regular meal. Saying a big ‘NO’ to junk food would only tempt to eat them more. They might do it without the knowledge of the parents. Instead it’s […]

How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables ?

Vegetables and fruits are an important source of vitamins and minerals. But they are not very appetising and interesting to many especially children.  Most parents have to put in enormous efforts to get the children to eat veggies. They may have to beg, plead and bribe too for the kids to have them. Here are […]

How to Stop Nail Biting in Children ?

Nail biting is one of the bad habits in children. The best but most difficult way to stop nail biting is to find the reason for biting nails and resolve it. Some kids bite nails out of stress, boredom, curiosity or to comfort themselves in a tight situation. Sometimes the nail biting carries into adulthood […]

Child development and household tasks

The modern technology has made our household tasks a very simple thing to do. Fully automatic washing machines, computers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, ovens etc. have saved a lot of time for us and we can do a variety of other work because of these high-tech gadgets. Moreover these gadgets are so simple to work with […]

What Is Childhood Obesity ?

It is a common experience that children are not taught the importance of nutrition and hence they don’t mind being over-weight. What is obesity ? Obesity is nothing but the unnecessary accumulation of fat. If your son has 25% more body weight than is recommended for his age, he falls in the obese category. Similarly, […]

Know About Child Allergy

Nature has made us in a stunning way. A baby who is just yet born has full capability of identifying between harmful and beneficial foreign bodies. The immune system of a baby is such developed as to fight with the harmful agents that enter the body. However, there are certain substances, which are okay for […]