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Betwetting (Enuresis) In Children

Bedwetting can be a source of much discomfort and humiliation for young children. Bedwetting or enuresis, as it is called in medical parlance, is a major source of embarrassment for many children in the 4-16 age group. According to some studies, about 15-20% of the school going children in the above-mentioned age group suffer from […]

How To Develop Social Skills In Child ?

Most parents have a tough time with their kids clinging on to them in the early months. The moment they realise the parent or the caregiver is going out of sight, they begin to howl, scream and crawl and get hold of their leg. This is very natural and nothing unusual about it. Since the […]

Child Nutrition Information and Facts

Each phase of the development of a child has its own critical nutrition requirements. Following are some important information and facts: 75% of the brains capacity develops between birth and the age of three. By age five, the development of the brains is 90% complete. Starting at the age of two, children should eat moderately […]

Dealing with Nightmares and Night Terrors in Children

Nightmares and night terrors can become a source of serious concern for both the child as well as the parents if they start occurring regularly. There is slight difference between these two sleep problems in kids. Difference Nightmares usually trouble a child during the REM period. REM stands for ‘rapid eye movement’ and it is […]

Dr Sears Attachment Parenting Theory

Pediatrician William Sears coined the term Attachment Parenting (AP). It is basically a parenting philosophy and is based on the attachment theory found in developmental psychology. Attachment theory advocates that if a child has a strong sentimental bond with its parents in childhood, he is sure to have a healthy and passionate relationship with them […]


In many countries and states, different doctors follow different immunization schedules and it comes as no surprise to encounter parents who are confused about the whole matter. A newer and most widely followed schedule for immunization is as follows: Childhood Immunization Schedule AGE                                 VACCINE Birth-3 months                                    BCG Vaccine 0-2 weeks                                          Oral Polio vaccine 6 […]

Important Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

Parents should always encourage children for regular teeth cleaning activities. Normally all children do not like brushing as they feel it is a boring unnecessary daily task. But it is a very good habit for children to properly brush the teeth twice daily for healthy and shiny teeth. Some good dental care habits for children […]