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Food Allergy Insomnia In Children

A study has been done on the sleep disorder of children. According to the study, sleep disorder or insomnia in children is often caused by food allergies. The incidents of allergic reaction of the food causing insomnia are not known for sure, but this disorder is often experienced by children under the age of five […]

Vitamin Facts For Kids

One sees many misleading advertisements both in the print and electronic media. The marketing department is often under pressure to increase sales so they come up with gimmicks and distorted facts to push up sales. Often pharmaceutical companies advertise the intake of vitamins to make a child smarter, or to increase his appetite, or to […]

When Does Your Child Need A Psychologist?

It is more difficult to come to terms with mental illness of the child than with physical illness. Parents feel guilty that it is brought about through some fault of theirs. Others may feel a social stigma will be attached to their child if his mental illness becomes a public knowledge. Mental illness is easier […]

How To Prepare Your Child For First Haircut?

A haircut is one of the periodic routines that are necessary in the life of all, especially men. This process starts right from childhood. When the child grows the hair also grows and needs to be trimmed after a gap of a month or so. Taking the child for a haircut is a traumatic experience […]

Common Health Problems In Children

Children of different ages are prone to acquire certain diseases. When the child is very small he is likely to be exposed to extreme weather prevailing outside. The exposure to cold weather may be cause of a number of related problems. It is essential that tolerable conditions should be maintained in the room where the […]

How Do Children Make Their Role Models ?

The mind of the children is like a clean slate. They tend to learn whatever they see. They find it difficult to stick to one thing and change the role model very fast. They get impressed and influenced quite soon and change decision. You will often find a child telling parents one day that he […]

Youngest Child Syndrome and Personality

The last born or the youngest child in the family is in an advantageous position as far as the affection he get from the family is concerned. The last born child is often dependent upon siblings. All the pressures he has to face get dissipated. Being the youngest in the clan he or she gets […]

Advantages Of Being An Only Child

These days when both husband and wife are working and spending a lot of time in office and on travelling from home to office, it becomes difficult for them to find spare time. There is a race between the two to be better professionals and progress in their jobs. The cost of living has gone […]

Developing Social Skills In Only Child

During these difficult times, when expenses tend to increase at a rapid pace as compared to income, the decision to have more than one child becomes difficult. Having children is one aspect, bringing them up, training them to be good citizens and providing financial support to all children becomes an issue to be discussed and […]