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It Is Important To Praise Your Children

It is the desire of all parents to see that their children are well behaved, and try to meet all possible requirements, even sometimes at the cost of their own comfort. To bring up well mannered and well behaved children parents have to set an example for them by regulating their own conduct in the […]

When To Have A Second Child ?

After marriage the next important decision is having a child. This attains further importance when thinking of having a second child as it is bound to affect each and every aspect of life namely, the spouse, first child, other family members, finances, and your comfort and time involvement. Proper planning is necessary while deciding to […]

Memory Development In Infants

During earlier times there was a conflict of belief between parents and researchers about memory status and skills to learn in children. Though parents always thought that the child learns and remembers at all ages, but researchers were of the opinion that the child has no memory skill up to the time the child is […]

Spending Quality Time With Children

It is the duty of the parents to look after the children at all ages. The amount of time required and the type of training to be given to the child differs from child to child and for children of different ages. In case the mothers are not working it is easy to look after […]

How To Stop Your Child From Cursing ?

In this age where TV is playing an important role in the life of children and they are mixing up with a large number of people in society, they have the tendency to learn some things which are not right. It is rightly said that the child has tendency to learn wrong things easily, and […]

How To Discipline A Strong Willed Child ?

Children can be classified as normal children and children who are aggressive or having strong will. It will not be wrong to say they have disruptive tendency. Their main focus is on unrest in the family or amongst the siblings. These children have to be dealt in a specialized manner. Exercising patience by the parents […]

How To Stop Your Kids Swearing ?

Swearing is as bad a habit amongst the children as lying. Swearing means use of swear words, vulgar language or coarse language. Parents who have given birth to the child, and are bearing all difficulties associated with bringing up children, will be shocked to hear their loved kid using a foul word. The reason that […]

Child Care Options For Working Parents

Today’s world is a materialistic world. We all are running a race to achieve new heights in our professional lives. For running the vehicle of life smoothly, it has now become essential for both mother and father to work and earn handsome money for the better future of their children. But sadly, in this race […]

Why Should You Send Your Kids To Summer Camp ?

It has been seen many a time that summer camps are not on the priority list of parents as far as spending quality time during summer vacation is concerned. In reality, a summer camp can provide much to your child than you ever anticipated. First of all, a summer camp means that your kids get […]