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Preschool Child Development Activities

Kids, as they grow, need a lot of attention of the parents. It will not be wrong to say that parents are the first teachers of any child. When the child is young, he will look towards the parents to satisfy his desire to learn about any new thing he see or come across. Then […]

What is Occupational Therapy for Children?

Many people feel that occupational therapy, or OT, as it is often called, is meant for adults and has no meaning for children. Once they are persuaded to let their child participate in it, they are amazed and happy to see the improvement it brings about in their lives. It not only deals with the […]

Growing Pains Symptoms in Children Legs

There is a general complaint in the children in the age group of 3 to 5 and those from 8 to 12, of feeling of pain in legs in late afternoon hours, evening time, at night, during first few hours of sleep or occasionally when the child gets up in the morning. Growing pains are […]

How Much Weight does a Baby Gain after Birth ?

The birth of a child is a moment of joy for the family as a whole. Whenever a woman becomes pregnant, there is a feeling or anxiety in her mind that the baby to be born to her should be healthy. Precautions are taken during the full period of pregnancy to ensure the safe birth […]

Extreme Mood Swings In Children

The way children understand their surrounding is different to that of adults. Something makes them over joyful whereas something makes them over depressed. This type of mood swing is very normal in children. But we should know the difference between mood swing and any disorder like mania and depression. Sudden behavior change and prolonged or […]

Importance Of Children's Hobbies And Interests

In the previous days children keep themselves occupied with either outdoor games or indoor games after studies. Those were the days when there was no TV, video game or internet. Its true that TV and internet are a good source of knowledge but up to some extent. All these things make children idle. Physically it […]

Low Birth Weight Causes And Risks

Weight of a new born baby indicates the health of the baby. When a baby is born after full time of pregnancy, weighs 2500 gms to 4200 gms. Its normal weight, but if it is less than 2500 gms its low birth weight and below 1500 gms or even less than 1000 gms are extremely […]

What Is A Growth Spurt In Children?

The time when a child is growing unusually fast for a short time, is called a stage of growth spurt. Growth spurt are essential part of physical maturation as well as of development. It’s also known as frequency days. It happens during infant stage and adolescent stage. Growth and development goes simultaneously, which indicates the […]

Pros and Cons of Children Having Cell Phones

Cell phone is a very popular gadget all over the world these days, even kids want their personal cell phone. Of course there must be some advantages and disadvantages of mobiles used by kids. So, here we are going to discuss Pros and Cons of children having cell phones. When kids are out, cell phone […]