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Teaching Your Children Responsibility

The parents have a vital role in developing responsibility in children. They learn the first lessons of how to live, what is right and what is wrong from home. Of course, peers and school also have a vital role to play. At early years of life, what they see and do have a great influence […]

Encourage Your Child To Clean Their Room

Each child has different views on cleanliness. While some are really particular about cleanliness others can be least bothered. Tolerance towards unorganised and untidiness is mostly developed by the atmosphere at home and sometimes genetic. The best way to get the children to be organised and clean is to coach them up from childhood. They […]

How To Deal With Child Fear ?

Children are normally afraid of certain things. Is your child afraid of animals, like dogs? Is he afraid of certain loud noises, like that of crackers? Don’t be worried at all. This is his defense mechanism. It is his own way to guard himself. As they grow in age, they will on their own learn […]

Middle Child Syndrome Characteristics and Personality

If there are three or more children in the family, the middle one often feels neglected or less attaining the love & affection by the parents. This syndrome is commonly known as ‘middle child syndrome’. The middle ones feel that the first ones get a fair share of everything as they are the eldest and […]

Baby Developmental Milestones

Every moment of the first year of the first child of the family is very memorable for parents. It brings lots of surprises and disappointments. Surprises are when the parent doesn’t expect it of their child and disappointment when they find other kids of the same age doing better things. But each infant is different […]

How to start talking with baby ?

The day a baby is born, he is subjected to a variety of sounds. He starts hearing these sounds and starts reacting to them in his own unique way. Much depends on parents as they can help a child immensely in developing communication skills. At first, the child only cries and emits no other sound. […]

Child development and household tasks

The modern technology has made our household tasks a very simple thing to do. Fully automatic washing machines, computers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, ovens etc. have saved a lot of time for us and we can do a variety of other work because of these high-tech gadgets. Moreover these gadgets are so simple to work with […]

How To Develop Social Skills In Child ?

Most parents have a tough time with their kids clinging on to them in the early months. The moment they realise the parent or the caregiver is going out of sight, they begin to howl, scream and crawl and get hold of their leg. This is very natural and nothing unusual about it. Since the […]

Teaching Baby Language

Infants can recognize the difference in sounds at a very early age. Extensive studies have shown that a 24-week-old baby can distinguish between very similar sounds like ‘Tah’ and ‘Pah’. Infants tend to recognize words much earlier than they can speak them. The language that a baby hears for a long time will become his […]