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How to Build Leadership Qualities in Children ?

Do you want your child to inculcate excellent leadership qualities? Go in for a leadership program for children and youth. With the leadership program, the youth learn to maximize their latent and thus prove to be productive members of the society. It’s like investment for the future society. If the youth of today develop outstanding […]

Child Internet Safty Tips

It is very surprising as well as remarkable that these days children are more knowledgeable that their parents. It is a result of the IT revolution and the computers both. It is a common experience that almost every school has provided computers to its students. So, it’s quite natural that children are greatly interested in […]

How to Improve Self Confidence in Children ?

Each and every parent wants his/her child to do the best. They want their young one to develop academic excellence. Getting good marks or being academically successful does not guarantee that the child will be successful in his chosen career. If he develops self-confidence right from the formative years it will help him to achieve […]