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Attachment Disorder In Children

Attachment disorder is a broad term intended to describe disorder of mood, behaviors and social relationships arising from a failure to form normal attachment to primary care giving figures in early childhood, resulting in problematic social expectations and behaviors. Such a failure would result from unusual early experiences of neglect, abuse abrupt separation from caregiver, […]

How To Get Children Behave In Church?

Church is a place where the faithful get peace of mind. Going to a church and listening to the sermons is a great experience. If your toddler goes to the church and behaves in a proper manner it will be nice, being exposed to God and religion right from the beginning. When he grows up, […]

Children's Psychology Of Fear And Phobias

During early childhood most toddlers fear something which can be said to have been inbuilt in the child. The child of say six months displays some involuntary reflexes which can be to overcome some fear. The reflexes are jerks in body part on hearing a loud or unfamiliar sound or avoidance of harmful stimulus. This […]

Different Methods Of Observing Children

To ascertain if the child is behaving in a normal manner and is not suffering from any genetic problem or deformity, it is necessary to observe each and every action of the child. The observation starts with the parents observing each small action of the child. It is not necessary that the child should be […]

How Do Children Learn Good Speaking Skills?

Public speaking is an art. Depending upon the audience the speaker has to adjust the topic of discussion, the flow of language and choose the words. To develop this talent in your child it is necessary that he or she should start learning about this right from beginning. The more the encouragement the child will […]

Dealing With Emotional Changes During Puberty

In human beings different changes in body take at different stages of growth. Puberty is an important turning point in the life of every child, this is the period when the child first becoming capable of reproducing sexually. These physical changes in the body occurs at the age of about 12 years in girls and […]

Teaching Siblings To Share Room And Things

Children of almost equal age have a tendency to fight over anything and everything to resolve the difference that may creep up amongst them. They are very possessive about their things, may be toys or items of stationary. At any point of time they may or may not need their things but if the other […]

How To Teach Children Respect Others ?

Children learn the first lesson of their life from the parents. The child learns the most from the way the parents behave in the presence of the child. If in presence of the child the parents fight or rebuke each other or use curse words, the child is bound to learn this. If the child […]

Importance Of Teaching Children Empathy

Bullying is an instinct in some children. It may be developed by the child due to the circumstances prevailing in the family in which he is born and brought up. If the head of the family is in the habit of bullying other members, the child is bound to develop this habit. There is an […]