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Setting Limits With Children For Discipline

It is the duty of the parents to discipline the children to whom they have given birth and are bringing up. To properly discipline the child the parents have to teach them a number of things including setting limits for them. The limits up to which the child can go, depend upon the age of […]

Developing Social Skills In Only Child

During these difficult times, when expenses tend to increase at a rapid pace as compared to income, the decision to have more than one child becomes difficult. Having children is one aspect, bringing them up, training them to be good citizens and providing financial support to all children becomes an issue to be discussed and […]

It Is Important To Praise Your Children

It is the desire of all parents to see that their children are well behaved, and try to meet all possible requirements, even sometimes at the cost of their own comfort. To bring up well mannered and well behaved children parents have to set an example for them by regulating their own conduct in the […]

Be Alert If Your Child Is A Computer Hacker

With the advancement of science and technology and that of computers, along with learning of computers, especially by children, has lead to crimes associated with computers or internet increasing considerably. It sometimes becomes difficult to believe that even young boys and girls are competent enough to hack websites of the others. Even very secure websites […]

Helping Your Toddler Learn How To Share

Sharing of the small things owned by a child is sometimes necessary to make the child social. Some children have tendency to be very possessive about the things owned by them, mainly toys. These children try to shy away from others with the fear that the others may take away what belongs to them. However, […]

Helping Your Child To Gain Independence

No matter how old a child becomes, parents tend to think that he is too young to go out in the big bad world on his own and requires their help all the time. This is not true, of course, and may lead to friction between the parents and child as he tries to make […]

How To Help Your Child Make Friends?

Friends help in the personality development of a child. Good friends can be an asset for the child and he/she can learn a lot from good friends as well. It is essential for the parents to help the children develop friendship with children of their age and liking, as a childhood friend is an asset […]

Understanding Child’s Emotions And Feelings

Emotional development of a child is as important as physical development and for this to happen, a child should be able to express his feelings. Parents should be open minded and encourage the child to talk freely about how he feels and no feeling should be taboo. In this way a child will not hide […]

Preparing Children For Moving To New Home

When you live at a particular place or locality, then both children and adults get used to that place. As a natural consequence of this, one develops a sense of attachment and belonging to the place. There can be a number of reasons for which one has to move out. These can include purchase of […]